New Zen Bound 2 iPhone screenshots

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New Zen Bound 2 iPhone screenshots

Back in January, Secret Exit gave us a first look at Zen Bound 2, its sequel to the critically adored Zen Bound.

As it transpired, the game on display five months ago wound up being ported to the iPad with Gold Award-winning results, whilst plans for the iPhone version of the rope-based puzzle were temporarily shelved.

Well, the Zen iPhone train is back on track, as evidenced by some new screenshots, which should be appearing somewhere on your right. Up a bit.

There you go.

One of the many highlights of the Zen Bound series, alongside the clever multi-touch controls and relaxed, almost soothing atmosphere, was the glorious and detailed visuals.

With the imminent release of iPhone 4 and its controversy-courting ultra-crisp Retina Display, the clarity and richness of Zen Bound 2’s graphics should really come into their own.

That’s not to say an optimised version for current devices won’t be supported. Secret Exit has promised that no iPhone generation will miss out on this much anticipated follow-up.

No release date for Zen Bound 2 on iPhone has been confirmed by the Finnish developer.

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