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How to get Gold in Warcraft Rumble

How to get Gold in Warcraft Rumble
| Warcraft Rumble

Gold is a key resource in the game, so if you want to learn how to farm Gold in Warcraft Rumble, then you're in the right place. We will walk you through everything you need to know about Gold, how to acquire it, and what is best to spend it on.

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The two main resources in Warcraft Rumble are Gold and Skulls, and each one has its own use in the game, which we will go over shortly. One key point to take from this is that you need both in order to progress, and they're not interchangeable (you can't exchange Skulls for Gold and the other way around).

What is Gold and how do I get more?

Gold is one of the two main resources, as we've mentioned above, which is mainly used to unlock Talents, Leaders, and Minis, and it can be acquired in a few different ways. Here are all the ways you can acquire Gold:

  • You can spend real money in exchange for Gold (this is a viable option if you want to progress faster)
  • Complete various missions and quests
  • Farming (playing the battles time and time again with the units that you have in order to save Gold)

The best way to spend your Gold is mainly in the Shop, on Leaders (first and foremost), and then on Minis and Talents, based on how you want to build your Leaders. Of course, bear in mind that the shop will only show you Talents for the units that you have, so if you're looking for something particular, it can be rather expensive. Not to mention factoring in the RNG aspect of the Shop.

If you want to know which are the best minis to purchase from the shop, take a look at our Warcraft Rumble - Minis tier list, as well as the best leaders in the game!

However, you can also purchase XP boosts, which can be decent if you want to level up, but if your main goal is to farm Gold, the first step is not spending it on every single card you see in the shop.

Farming Gold in Warcraft Rumble

Like in many other games out there, farming is a time-consuming process that plays for the bigger picture - having the resources and XP you ultimately need. If you want to start farming, the best thing you can do is find a level you're comfortable with and use the units that you have to play it over and over again. Another option that reduces the monotony is to find a few different levels that you enjoy and just keep playing them until you've collected as much Gold as you want.

Of course, there's no method that is currently set in stone, since every player has their own style, but for now, you can focus on this. You should also read our guide on the best team in Warcraft Rumble to get a better idea of some powerful lineups currently in the meta.

How to get Skulls in Warcraft Rumble, and what do I use them for?

Skulls are a currency that allows you to unlock more quests and game modes. It's one of the main ways you can "progress" in the game, so if you want to move from one area of the game to another, you'll need to spend Skulls.

At the moment, we know that the only way of obtaining them is by playing the game's main story portion, but since the game has not been officially released worldwide, we don't know if that will change in the future. There could possibly be more ways of acquiring them via IAPs, but that's just a speculation at this point. We'll keep you updated as soon as we learn more!

If you are enjoying Warcraft Rumble, make sure to check our articles about the best PvE and PvP teams in the game to get a grasp of the current meta!

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