Warcraft Rumble Season 4 launches, adding the Witch Doctor and new emotes

Warcraft Rumble Season 4 launches, adding the Witch Doctor and new emotes
  • The newest unit is the Witch Doctor, featuring a curse attack and some gnarly upgrades
  • There's also boosts to the rewards gained from almost all game modes
  • And a couple of new emotes just to sprinkle on top

Warcraft Rumble has hit season four, with the addition of a new unit in the form of the Witch Doctor, new emotes and a host of rewards. You'll be glad to know that includes a boost to those rewards gathered from PvP, XP Gems, and Heroic Campaign victories. These changes are active right now!

The main star of this new update is the Witch Doctor, a troll unit that packs a punch. With a deploy cost of 2 gold and being part of the Horde family, he boasts Ranged, AoE, Elemental and Cycle traits. His main ability is the Cursed Beam, which - you guessed it - curses enemies and deals both damage over time as well as causing some of them to actually explode on death, dealing damage to nearby units. We'll detail some of his upgrades below.

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The Witch Doctor's upgrades are equally gnarly, you can check out some of the other changes in the preview video above! Amplify Curse adds the aforementioned chance of explosive damage when enemies are hit by the cursed beam. Spirit Ward adds a shield to an ally after each successful kill which absorbs the next attack made against them, and finally, Alchemist causes the Witch Doctor to occasionally drop a potion that puts the unit which picks it up into Bloodlust.

By all accounts the Witch Doctor is shaping up to be a very nasty unit to go up against and an immensely useful one to have on your side. Oh, and there are also new Gnomelia emotes. So that's cool.

But if you want to get into Warcraft Rumble, now may be a good time with these latest updates boosting player rewards. You can check out our tier list of the best Warcraft Rumble minis and the best Warcraft Rumble leaders to give you a head-start on the competition!

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Iwan Morris
Iwan Morris
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