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War Thunder Mobile guide for newbies

War Thunder Mobile guide for newbies

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War Thunder Mobile is finally available for iOS and Android after a long journey of beta testing. As someone with a deep knowledge of World of Tanks, I can tell this game is setting a higher standard for the MMO genre. If you are a first-timer with no idea of what’s going on and have never set foot in a War Thunder Mobile before, this guide is here to help you out. I will provide you with the most important tips and tricks to keep you ahead in battle and help you wear the veteran cap.

Additionally, for the experienced players who've tried War Thunder on PC, I’m totally aware that you are left with many doubts and unanswered questions, such as:

  • What about the shared progress with the PC version?
  • Will we have Jett vs Jett mode?
  • Will the grind be as hard and painful as it was on WT PC?

But fear not, these questions have crossed my mind and piqued my interest as well. All you will have to do is stay with me because I will share all the answers you need to know about War Thunder Mobile. Meanwhile, you can bookmark our website to get all the links, news, and updates on the game. We have already gathered all the working War Thunder codes to help you claim some freebies.

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War Thunder Mobile vs. War Thunder PC

Before jumping to the tips, let’s take a look at the key differences between the mobile and the PC versions:

  • Optimisation

Although War Thunder Mobile has released sooner than expected, the game optimisation is top-notch. Even your oldest, rusty, and battery-bloated phone might be able to run it smoothly, all it requires is a minimum of 4GB of RAM, which is not a thing anymore. So don’t feel bad if you got one, as it will be able to handle WT Mobile like a champion - high FPS at low settings.

  • Game Modes

While the PC version has naval, land, and aerial battles, the mobile version only has tanks and ships. Even though you can access some jets after hitting tier 5 for tanks and ships, they don’t have their own separate mode.

  • Shared Progress

Remember that WT Mobile was developed by a different team, which means a separate studio has been working on this game for a long time. Even though WT Mobile has a lot of similarities to the PC version, there isn’t shared progress. Unfortunately, your progress on the PC has nothing to do with the mobile version.

  • Tech Trees

While there's no upgrade tree to make the game less grindy, the grind itself never truly ends. To unlock vehicles, they are organised into platoons, which can be purchased using Silver Lions (SL) or Gold Eagles (GE) for premium ones. To unlock higher-tier platoons, you need to level up your account so the grind is still present, primarily focused on earning Silver Lions and levelling up. You can also accelerate the levelling process by spending SL or GE.

  • Unique Features

War Thunder Mobile introduces unique features not found in the PC version, such as the Yamato warship and submarines.

Now that you know most of the mobile version’s features, let’s jump straight to the tips.

Tip #1 Positioning your vehicle

Before using an aircraft in tank battles, ensure that your tank is undercover and won’t be destroyed while you are in the sky. In War Thunder Mobile, there's a 15-second delay when you want to launch or use planes. Always use this 15-second delay to hide your tank or park it in a safe spot away from any enemy fire. This tip also applies to naval battles. When using your planes, always hide your ship or it may result in unnecessary damage or destruction. Another thing to keep in mind during tank battles is to protect your sides as they are frail and can be easily penetrated head-on by shells. It's advised to use obstacles as cover and avoid facing your enemies in an open area. Keeping an angle to the left or to the right will help enforce your armour's strength.

Tip #2 Hunting down the real threats

Always prioritise players over bots. As the game is newly launched, the lobby may include bots to fill teams of both teams, so it’s to focus on destroying real players first since they are the real threats. You will be able to memorise the bot’s names over time and therefore to distinguish them easily the more you play. In WT Mobile, bots typically have generic human names, and they are not good overall, so keep that in mind to identify them faster. This tip also applies to naval battles. But funnily enough, some real players have started using bot names to take advantage of the situation. So I will leave this up to your intuition.

Tip #3 Adjusting graphics

Lower graphics and smoother FPS are recommended. If you own a flagship device, then you can ignore this tip, but if your phone is struggling, you should always pick performance over quality. By turning the graphics down, you will have control over everything. Pushing your devices to their limit will likely result in stuttering, overheating, or even crashing mid-game.

Tip #4 Map Awareness

Make use of your surroundings. The Mini Map is your biggest ally, and while you move, you should always pay attention to it. You shouldn’t move around carelessly when going for objectives. However, It can become a hide-and-seek game, so being invisible is your best defence because you can't rely on your armour alone. In most cases, driving a tank is about getting into a favourable position, taking advantage of it, and then repositioning tactically instead of moving all the time. Learning to spot enemies before they spot you is another important component of success. Anyone who doesn’t know where you are can't defend themself. Not to mention that being able to quickly identify a target's distance while knowing its weak spots is one of the most important skills to have. This tip also applies to naval battles.

Tip #5 Claiming daily free rewards + ads

The game always distributes free resources every day, you can double this number by watching ads every two hours. By doing this, you don’t even have to buy consumables. This tip also applies to ships and daily rewards. If you grind enough, you will be able to buy some high-tier platoons.

Tip #6 Know your limitations and strengths

Do not 1vs1 a higher-tier tank. You must learn the limitations and strengths of your tank, so you must know when to charge or retreat unless flanking or attacking a distracted one. Do not forget to bring the right shell with you, as there are many types that still vary with each tank. The only shells you should focus on are those with high armour penetration (AP) and decent TNT. Finally, bringing an adequate amount of shells with you is important. Carrying too much can be considered suicidal in WTM, and your enemies have higher chances of destroying you by ammo rack explosion. The recommended amount is between 20 and 30, although that varies depending on your tank).

That concludes our novice's guide to War Thunder Mobile. I hope you found something useful to help you rack up a few more wins and dominate the battlefield more easily. If you are looking for something else to play, there is a whole list of amazing shooting games for Android.

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