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How to unlock Avatar Infernas in Vampire Survivors

Avatar Infernas is one of the coolest characters that's almost impossible to unlock on your own. That's why we have created a guide to lead you!

How to unlock Avatar Infernas in Vampire Survivors
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Honestly, Vampire Survivors would be a pretty good game to be stranded on an island with… assuming you have a reliable power source. I've been playing for a while now and it still provides a good level of challenge at a quick pace. What's even more interesting is how many elements are included in the game. The most numerous are the characters, many of which I still haven't played, which take up a large chunk of the game. Many of them are unlocked simply through playing and reaching certain milestones, but others are far more cryptic and demanding to acquire. The fiery Avatar Infernas is just one of them.

Even though Vampire Survivors starts off with what can be assumed to be human hunters, the cast of characters becomes more varied very fast. It goes on to include demons, ghosts, animals, and other weird entities that you would think have no business going after vampires and their buddies. Avatar Infernas definitely appears to be some kind of magical being and will likely be one of the last characters you unlock. This is because doing so requires you to fulfill very specific conditions.

Who is Avatar Infernas?

Avatar Infernas icon in Vampire Survivors

Despite how rich Vampire Survivors is in characters, it's lacking in lore. Based on Avatar's appearance, he seems to be some kind of magical fire demon. He starts off with the Flames of Misspell, a directional weapon that launches bursts of fire at targets. He also starts each run with the Heart of Fire Arcana equipped, which automatically causes several weapons (mostly those involving fire) to have an explosive impact. He's also pretty stat-heavy, having 50 percent bonuses to Might and Luck, and a 60 percent boost to HP. Because of this, Avatar Infernas is definitely one of the stronger characters on the roster.

How to Unlock Avatar Infernas

Inlaid Library where you're killing Avatar Infernas

To make your way towards unlocking Avatar, you first need to reach the Eudaimonia Machine. This is the "last" stage in the level that becomes available after you collect all the standard relics scattered throughout the other stages. Once you're here, you need to defeat the Directer so you can "beat" the game and watch the credits.

After you do this, go into the menus and make sure Inverse Mode is turned on. Then, go to Stage Select and enter the Inlaid Library with any character. Make your way east until you find a piano and an enemy called the Trickster standing near it. Defeat the Trickster then approach the piano and enter the following keys: 2nd white key, 6th white key, 5th black key, 5th white key, and 1st black key.

If you do it correctly, you'll end up in a new dark area swarming with unique enemies. There are also nine coffins, so start searching. Avatar will appear from one of them and will proceed to attack you. Simply defeat him and the run will be forcefully ended by the White Hand. When you go to the Character Select screen, you'll find Avatar Infernas available for 666 Gold.

The alternate method is to collect the Forbidden Scrolls of Morgane which will unlock the Cheat Menu. By going there and typing "kalvasflam", you'll also unlock Avatar Infernas. If you're interested to know more about the secrets of Vampire Survivors, feel free to follow the link. However, a friendly warning - there are a lot of spoilers there!

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