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Vampire Survivors: How to unlock Pugnala Provola

There are actually two ways to unlock Pugnala Provola: The standard way and the secret way. We will talk a bit about both.

Vampire Survivors: How to unlock Pugnala Provola

Characters are possibly the most popular part of gaming, and Vampire Survivors has a lot of them. Because of its relatively simple design and appearance, the game has plenty of room to cram in tons of items, enemies, and indeed, characters. It definitely has one of the largest character rosters I've ever seen and there's someone for every kind of player. However, like other character-heavy games, you need to unlock them. The character select screen starts with only a handful of options, but as you keep playing, more silhouettes will be added. After you collect enough gold, you can use it to buy the character of your choosing.

The gameplay only has one real input which is movement, but it's strategic by making you choose which power-ups and weapons you get. Because of this, the character you choose can have a huge impact on your progress. Each has a distinct appearance and starting weapon, which forms a base for the character's build. They also have their own stats and weaknesses as well as passive bonuses that can be improved over time. Among the available characters, Pugnala Provola stands out for various reasons, and unlocking her can be quite a task.

Who is Pugnala Provola?

Pugnala Provola gameplay

Not much lore is provided about the characters, but some things can be deduced about Pugnala Provola. She appears to be a human hunter who favours long-ranged tactics due to starting out with pistols. This also implies she's a duelist since pistols aren't the most popular hunting weapons. A unique aspect of Provola is she's the only character who starts out with two weapons, the Phiera Der Tuphello and Sprite-Eight The Sparrow. Since she has a passive bonus to her Might and increased Movement Speed, I would call her a DPS character who is able to cut through waves of enemies given the right combo of items.

How to Unlock Pugnala Provola

There are actually two ways to unlock Pugnala Provola: The standard way and the secret way. We will talk a bit about both.

For the standard method, you'll need to head into the Mad Forest. Since this is the first stage of the game, the enemies are fairly easy to deal with and there's a lot of open space to move around in. Check your map for a Question Mark symbol to see where the coffin is located and then make your way there. Once you arrive be ready; a circle of skeletal enemies will appear and surround the coffin. Break through them to open it.

The secret method requires you to collect a relic called the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane. It's found in the Bone Zone, which is a challenge stage. You need to head south from the starting point to find an enemy called the Sketamari. It's a conglomeration of skeletal enemies that will drop the relic after it's destroyed. After you collect it, the Secret Menu will become available where you can enter codes. Enter the phrase "flymetothemoon" to unlock the character.

On the character select screen, Pugnala Provola costs 1,000.