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Vampire Survivors: How to Kill and Unlock Leda, the Secret Character

Leda is quite a powerful meatball-looking character that's not easy to unlock unless you know where to look and which characters to use.

Vampire Survivors: How to Kill and Unlock Leda, the Secret Character

Do you want to learn how to kill and unlock Leda, the secret character in Vampire Survivors? Vampire Survivors is an incredibly addictive RPG with roguelike elements created by just one person. In the game, you have to fight off waves of various enemies, and it's a lot more fun than it might seem at first.

Poncle has added many different enemies, playable characters, weapons, items, and power-ups to Vampire Survivors. Moreover, players can find various secrets. Therefore, this guide will tell you how to kill and unlock Leda, a secret character in Vampire Survivors. Note that we also have a Vampire Survivors beginner's guide if you're new to the game.


Leda's icon in Vampire Survivors

As we said, there are many different secrets in Vampire Survivors. This applies to both weapons with items and bosses. Moreover, some bosses are so hidden that they are very easy to miss, and Leda is a perfect example.

Leda is a hidden boss in Gallo Tower that looks like a meatball, and if you don’t know where to look for her, you might just miss her completely. However, if you want to unlock all the characters in the game, you must beat this boss.


Killing Leda in Vampire Survivors with Red Death

It's funny, but the hardest part about defeating this boss is finding her. To start, you must, of course, reach the Gallo Tower. It is the fourth stage in the game. Then you need to move to the bottom of the map. And as you begin to approach Leda, your screen will start to darken from the edges. It can be used as a pointer to head in the right direction, as the closer you get to Leda, the darker the screen will become. When the whole screen becomes dark and you can only see a small area around your character, you will find Leda - and now you need to kill her. It's much easier than it looks, especially when compared with the Death boss.

All you have to do is attack Leda and don't run too far from her. She is an incredibly slow boss, and you are unlikely to take damage from her unless you stand still. However, Leda is quite deadly if she actually touches you, so don't come near her!

But it is worth noting that not all characters are suitable for killing Leda. You have to be very fast, as it takes a lot of time to get to the boss spawn and kill her. A slow character like Exdash won't even have time to find Leda. Therefore, the best choice is Mask of the Red Death. 

It is the first secret character that you can unlock in the game, and it is incredibly fast. Playing Death, you will be able to get to Leda quickly. But be careful, as you can easily run too far and lose that meatball.


You can unlock Leda as a secret character in the same way as the Red Death. All you need is to defeat the boss, and a new character will appear in the shop. Leda will cost you 666 coins, and you definitely won't regret buying her, since this character has the Holy Wand as a starting weapon. Also, Leda has pretty good stats:

  • Greed: -80%
  • Cooldown: -10%
  • Area: +10%
  • Might: +100%
  • Move Speed: -20%
  • Armour: +5%

That's all you need to know about how to kill and unlock Leda in Vampire Survivors. She is a fairly easy boss, but it will take a lot of effort to find her. Therefore, follow our advice to unlock one of the secret characters as quickly as possible.