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How to unlock "Greatest Jubilee" in Vampire Survivors

A guide to seeing the final fireworks in Vampire Survivors.

How to unlock "Greatest Jubilee" in Vampire Survivors
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Vampire Survivors makes you work for your progress. It's a top-down endless horde game that challenges you to amass the best weapons and upgrades you can. Starting character in Vampire Survivors plays a big role in your survival based on their stats, weapons, and passive effects. So make sure to experiment depending on the stage. The base goal is to last thirty minutes, at which point you will die anyway. In addition to survival, each stage offers a different layout, enemy types, loot drops, and items to find. You'll need to spend a lot of time exploring if you're hoping to "See the Final Fireworks".

The game's achievements run from standard gameplay elements to obscure secret-finding. The more you play, the more likely you are to find things that seem strange and worth investigating. Thankfully, a majority of achievements and unlocks can be earned through consistent progression. This means you'll need to clear stages, and their Hyper Modes, unlock weapon upgrades, collect Relics, and more. Stages will become available the more you play with enemies becoming stronger and more aggressive, not to mention the defenses surrounding points of interest. Getting to see the fireworks will likely be one of the last weapons/achievements you'll earn and it won't be easy.

What is "See the Final Fireworks"?

Final fireworks in Vampire Survivors, or the Great Jubilee

In the list of achievements, there's one called "Greatest Jubilee" with the cryptic description "See the Final Fireworks". This is a reference to reaching the end of the game, which may not even seem possible at the start. There are a large number of stages you'll need to pass, tasks to complete, and items to collect. On top of that, you'll need to defeat a lot of enemies and bosses before getting a chance to face the final challenge, so be prepared to grind.

How to unlock the "Greatest Jubilee"

To unlock the "Greatest Jubilee" you need to "See the Final Fireworks" at the end of the game. This requires you to perform three key steps: Unlock the Eudaimonia Machine stage, reach the end of the stage, and defeat the Directer.

To unlock the Eudaimonia Machine, you first have to collect all the base Relics. A majority of them can be found in distant parts of the stage maps, which will be marked by a mystery icon. The others are dropped by enemies, received from certain sources, and unlocked by completing optional quests. There are 10 in total:

  • Grim Grimoire: Found in the west part of the Inlaid Library.
  • Ars Gouda and Milky Way Map: Found in the south part of the Dairy Plant.
  • Magic Banger: Found in the southeast part of Green Acres.
  • Sorceress' Tears: Found in the south part of Gallo Tower.
  • Randomazzo: Found in the north part of Gallo Tower.
  • Glass Wizard: Bought from the Merchant in Moongolow.
  • Yellow Sign: Found in the east part of the Holy Forbidden.
  • Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane: Dropped by the Sketamari enemy in the south part of The Bone Zone.
  • Great Gospel: Dropped by the last enemy of the Capella Magna.
  • Mindbender: Fill the Collection with 50 entries.
The Directer fight in Vampire Survivors

Once you enter the Eudaimonia Machine, you'll find yourself in a fairly empty space with no enemies. Make your way toward the top of the screen until you see a mysterious being. They will offer you a choice and give you a Relic based on your answer. Return to get the other Relic, which will then require you to re-enter the stage once again. Talk to the being and they will transform into the final boss, the Directer.

Since The Directer can't be harmed, it's simply a battle of endurance. There are four battle phases and a victory phase:

  • Phase 1: Reach level 7 and survive for 30 seconds.
  • Phase 2: Reach level 14, survive for 60 seconds, and break all the Atlantean Heads.
  • Phase 3: Reach level 19, survive for 60 seconds, and break all the skulls and eyes.
  • Phase 4: Reach level 22, survive 45 seconds, and break all the clusters.
  • Victory Phase: Collect as much as you can, watch the credits, and see the final fireworks.

After ending the game officially, you will still have an awful lot to do. For example, you can kill and unlock the Red Death, you can unlock Leda and play with him a bit or just test different builds in Vampire Survivors. It's endless fun, so make the most of it.

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