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Tsuki Adventure 2 guide with useful tips

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Tsuki Adventure 2 guide with useful tips

A general guide to enjoying Tsuki Adventure 2.

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When you think about a game, you think of an activity that has some sort of goal. Whether it's you playing against other players or you playing against the game, there is something that you need to achieve. This goal determines when the game is over and who wins and who loses. Still, gaming is an evolving form of media and the definition has expanded to include overall experiences and activities to occupy your time. Sometimes, these activities can be very low maintenance and almost therapeutic - like the ones you may encounter in the sequel that is Tsuki Adventure 2.

This is a follow-up to a previous title that was all about living a full and relaxing life. The character is a small bunny with all the time in the world to work, travel, talk, and gain new memories. The sequel grants Tsuki the ability to travel anywhere in the world for free - and this leaves them and you with the sky as the limit. Once they start traveling, they'll be free to roam around the new location learning all they can. You can learn with them and find your own fun in the game, but if you're having trouble figuring out how to relax, here are some things to get you started.

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Tip #1 - Check The Airport At The Start Of The Day

We are starting off the Tsuki Adventure 2 guide with perhaps the most important tool that Tsuki receives - an unlimited plane ticket. With this in hand, that means you can travel to new locations with all new environments, areas, characters, and activities. You can clearly see the airport from the map screen usually to the far ends of your current location. When you do travel, the airport will need some time to prep (around 24 hours) before you can use it again. Keep this in mind before travel as you won't be able to come back for a little while after you leave, so don't leave any unfinished business.

Tip #2 - Talk To Everybody

This is a relaxing game about taking a solo trip, exploring, and experiencing - with a big part of that experience being meeting characters around the world. Whether they're providing some sort of service or just hanging around, if they look like a character, there's a high chance you can talk to them. By doing this, characters can surprise you with opportunities, activities, and at times their attitudes. It's quite jarring to encounter rudeness in a game that looks so light and cute, but that's part of the reality of travelling.

Tip #3 - Fishing Means Profit

When it comes to casual games like life sims, it's almost a crime not to have a fishing mini-game included. Of all the ones out there, Tsuki Adventure 2 has one of the easiest versions which is nice in helping keep the stress at bay. After you arrive at your first destination, you'll be prompted to go to the shop so that you can buy a Fishing Rod for relatively cheap. At any destination, you can find a fishing spot by going to the map and clicking on anything referencing it or centred around a body of water. Scroll over the area after Tsuki arrives and click on the Fishing icon to begin. When you fish, all you have to do is wait for an exclamation point to appear above Tsuki and then tap to reel in the fish. You can fish as long as you want and then take your haul to the nearest shop to sell it. Whenever you arrive at a new destination, quickly look for the nearest fishing spot to earn some extra carrots.

Tip #4 - Take Advantage Of All The Sights

A big part of this game is to make memories, which should be pretty easy since Tsuki has a high-quality camera and a large inventory of photos and gear. From the airport or the main town, pull out your map and scan over every single point of interest. Traveling to each of them is instantaneous and they all have their own activities and sights. Lead Tsuki all over to approach anything interesting and try to capture the moment. It's nice to reflect on the places you've been to, and talking to the different drivers and pilots can show you even more - which is both exciting and serene for you and Tsuki.

Tip #5 - Save Your Carrots

Unsurprisingly, Tsuki's valuables are measured in Carrots, which they've brought from home. What's convenient is that carrots seem to be accepted across the world and by every merchant. This means that spending will cause you to run out of carrots fairly quickly, but you'll get periodic allowances in the form of letters that appear in the top right area of the screen. This is a nice boost, but it can require a lot of waiting. Fishing and doing favours for various characters are the best ways to earn extra carrots, but what you should do is make a note of the services you want to use and the objects you want to buy. Set yourself a budget and work towards getting what you really want.

These five tips are all we have prepared for the Tsuki Adventure 2 guide. Hopefully, it will assist your adventure! For more guides, take a look at our Demigod Idle guide, Sea of Conquest guide or Neko Atsume rare cats guide to name a few.

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