RuneScape releases The Gift of Guthix, the first novel in a three-part series

Learn how magic changed the fate of Geilinor forever

RuneScape releases The Gift of Guthix, the first novel in a three-part series
  • Written by Erin M. Evans and published by Titan Books
  • Available for $16.95
  • Pre-orders for second book already live

RuneScape has been around for over two decades now, entertaining millions of fans over the years with its entertaining questlines and challenges. Jagex is now expanding its reach with a new novel, the first of three set within the RuneScape universe itself. Titled RuneScape: The Gift of Guthix, the book can be purchased at retailers worldwide.

RuneScape: The Gift of Guthix is being published by Titan Books and is something you should definitely get your hands on if you're a fan of RuneScape and Old School RuneScape. It’s got it all, as you’ll delve into the origins of magic, the troubles of an ongoing civil war, as well as the devastating downfall of the Fremennik Great Empire.

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Argarnia is on the brink of collapse and various tribes have all united under the banner of Lord Raddallin. His enemies are ready to strike but Raddallin’s advisors seem to have located something that may change the tide of battle. Far up north, the Black and White knights speak of a mysterious power.

History is in the making, and a poor clerk and the son of Jarl find themselves in control of the fate of Raddallin’s new kingdom. The novel will chronicle how magic reshaped Gielinor forever, from the coronation of King Raddallin, all the way up to the eviction of the Zamorakians from Asgarnia.

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This book has been written by Erin M. Evans, best known for the Forgotten Realms series for Wizards of the Coast and has also won the Scribe Award for Brimstone Angels. In addition, she also curates content for Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms and is a cast member of the D&D play, Dungeon Scrawlers.

You can purchase RuneScape: The Gift of Guthix for $16.95 or local equivalent. Its successor, RuneScape: The Fall of Hallowvale, is already available for pre-orders as well, with a November release targeted.

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