The Division Resurgence release date and the rest you need to know

The Division Resurgence release date and the rest you need to know

The Division Resurgence is a free-to-play third-person shooter developed by Ubisoft for iOS and Android. A mobile version of a AAA title first made for console and PC can give players pause, but this mobile game is touted as a tailored experience for phones and will offer a unique and new experience. Unfortunately, there has been no formal release date other than a vague 2023 window.

However, that doesn't mean there hasn't been info dropped since its announcement. Ubisoft has been slowly releasing details from the setting of the game to opportunities for players to play to how microtransactions will work in the newest instalment of The Division franchise.

How to play The Division Resurgence?

While the most recent closed alpha ended July 31st, 2022, Ubisoft offers players the chance to try The Division Resurgence through a series of future closed alphas.

To register to play the closed alpha:

  • Head to the game's official website
  • Click register at the top
  • Choose your platform
  • Log into a Ubisoft account
  • Fill out the short survey
  • Wait for confirmation

Once chosen, players will need to sign a non-disclosure agreement or NDA to keep any information or details from leaking, as the closed alpha will not be indicative of what the game will look like when it eventually launches. This also means that progression during the closed alpha will not carry over to the next test or the official release.

Gameplay overview

The Division Resurgence looks to offer an experience that closely resembles the first and second instalments in the franchise but with a mobile twist. The game is set in a fully explorable open world with a campaign and activities players can participate in solo and co-op. There is also a PvP element dubbed the Dark Zone that will be available on launch.

As for the controls, the cover and shoot system from PC and consoles has been adapted to mobile with manual or automatic settings. Essentially, the player either presses a button to go into the cover, or the game will automatically do it for you. The gameplay also looks optimized for mobile, with the user interface taking advantage of the limited screen real estate and the graphics being more mobile friendly to capture the look and feel of the heart of New York.

The gear and crafting system

Gear and crafting are a big part of the Division games; the same goes for The Division Resurgence. As players progress and get more gear, they will come across better items and weapons to equip, allowing them to tackle more challenging enemies that will then drop better items and weapons.

However, unlike The Division 1 & 2, the crafting system is slightly different, with each weapon class having a crafting tree. This means you'll have to search for blueprints to improve the gun's next level to craft a better weapon. Fortunately, crafting experience will increase the chances of higher quality equipment with higher base stats. Mods are also different from The Division 1 & 2 and are much more nuanced, adding attributes that will significantly impact the player's build.


Division Resurgence Feature
Each player can choose between four classes, each with different skills and ultimate abilities. The four classes to choose from are:

  • Bulwark
  • Tech Operator
  • Demolitionist
  • Vanguard

The Bulwark seems to be the group's tank for soaking up damage, while the Tech Operator looks to be the healer class. Elsewhere, the Demolitionist, in case the name wasn't a hint, could be the damage dealer, and the Vanguard looks to be a blend of support and damage with mobile cover. Each class has a unique skill tree that can be adapted to suit different playstyles.

The Division Resurgence's setting

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The Division Resurgence is set in New York City and gives players a different perspective as part of the legendary first wave of SHD or Strategic Homeland Division agents. In the canon of The Division, the first wave was the first round of sleeper agents to be activated by the President in response to the viral pandemic that effectively crippled emergency services across the country, plunging society into chaos.

As an independent storyline during the pandemic's early days, The Division Resurgence runs alongside The Division 1 and 2, opening up the opportunity for appearances from notable characters. While new information on the narrative is yet to be revealed, the action-packed trailer hints at the conflict between the newly activated Division agents and various factions that have popped up to take advantage of the chaos.

Enemies players will face

The trailer shows a new enemy to the Division franchise: the Freemen. Donned in homemade armor and outlandish weapons. Other enemies set to appear in the game alongside the Freemen are:

  • The Rioters - gangs and delinquents who want to kill as much as possible.
  • Cleaners - former city workers from garbageman to custodians that have banded together to eradicate the virus in infected and healthy survivors.
  • Rikers - convicts, and prisoners from Rikers Island that took advantage of the outbreak taking over areas of New York.
  • Black Tusk - first appearing in Division 2, this private military company is as secretive as they are powerful.

If Ubisoft means for The Division Resurgence to be an extension of the other games, it is more likely that each faction will have a leader who will act as the significant boss and various unit types for players to mow down.

Microtransactions and future content

In a game as ambitious as The Division Resurgence, microtransactions or pay-to-win elements are bound to appear. Currently, the game's features will not have a paywall, and everything will be accessible and free with purchasing options for cosmetic items for your character and XP boosters.

The game will also have content called seasons that will last about 3 - 4 months before the next season begins and will contain:

  • New main mission
  • New class and manhunt
  • New battle pass
  • Exotic weapon
  • Cosmetics
  • Game mode
  • Expansion to open world

Each season is bustling with content. However, the price of each season has not been released yet.

The Division Resurgence is an incredibly ambitious game and an excellent entry to The Division canon. Hopefully, Ubisoft drops more info as the game gets closer to completion. If you're looking to get your shooter fix, try Apex Legends mobile!