The Division Resurgence could be coming as soon as the end of the month

The Division Resurgence could be coming as soon as the end of the month
  • The game's iOS listing points to a late-March or early-April release date
  • The Division Resurgence is the mobile spin-off of Ubisoft's third-person shooter
  • It went through numerous regional betas last year

The Division Resurgence, the mobile spin-off of Ubisoft's hit third-person shooter, could be coming as soon as the end of March. Resurgence's iOS listing was recently updated to list the expected release date as March 31st, which would indicate either that it launches late this month or early in April.

The Division Resurgence saw a number of regional betas last year. The last round of testing in November last year included select players from the US and Brazil, while in June players from Australia, Chile, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, and Sweden got a chance to try it out. Now it seems that the time for waiting is almost over.

If you're not familiar, the world of The Division is a post-apocalyptic take on North America where a virulent plague has thrown society into chaos. Notably, this game takes players back to the Dark Zone, a cordoned-off section of Manhattan Island in New York full of familiar landmarks and chances for high-octane shooter action. It promises to feature even more maps and locations inspired by the mainline series and their real-world setting.

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The Division Resurgence will take players into a variety of locations and missions - including the Dark Zone - as part of a four-person squad or allow them to take it on solo. The game was expected to launch last year, however, it was pushed back into 2024, but if this new estimated date is any indication then fans of The Division and those hoping to pick up a new third-person shooter on mobile won't have to wait very long.

You can keep up to date on all the latest news for The Division Resurgence right here on, and keep tabs on their official site for further info when it launches. But if you don't fancy waiting why not check out our list of the top 15 shooters available for iOS right now to tide you over?

Iwan Morris
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