TFT patch notes 11.7 - What to expect from TeamFight Tactics' latest update

Teamfight Tactics patch notes 11.7 - all of the changes explained

TFT patch notes 11.7 - What to expect from TeamFight Tactics' latest update

After a number of changes (mostly nerfs) that kept coming to specific comps in Teamfight Tactics following the latest updates, it's time we see some buffs, right? In the TFT Patch 11.7, Vanguards are finally getting back some of that beefiness that they were famous for. Units that slowly fell off, such as Nidalee, are getting some more damage, and the 4-cost units that didn't seem to bring that "wow" element before are no longer being overlooked.

Patch 11.7 is not the patch that will be played in the TFT Fates Worlds championship though, so don't be alarmed if you don't get to see the mighty 8-Vanguards team rock it out on the big stage. The Fates Worlds patch is still the previous one 11.6, so if you're interested in trying out some of the strongest units currently in the meta, check out our tier list of the best units in TFT!

Trait changes


Armor: 100/250/500/800 ⇒ 100/250/500/1000

After the previous patch where some items have been adjusted and Armor/Magic Resistance reduction won't stack, Vanguards have also received a major nerf. While it's not super easy to get 8 Vanguards, it should have been way more rewarding to do so (when compared to 8 Divine or 8 Brawlers).

Now with the latest patch, Vanguards are finally back to their original strength, which is nothing short of amazing. 200 Armor makes a huge difference in the late game, especially since there are a lot of players going for Sharpshooters, Slayers and other Physical-heavy comps. I could safely say that Vanguards are at least A-tier now! (if you don't believe me, take a look at the Fabled/Vanguard team I just won 1st place with!)

TFT patch notes 11.7

TFT Patch 11.7 - Champion changes and adjustments


Javelin Toss Damage: 100/175/300 ⇒ 100/175/350

Nidalee slowly fell off from the meta and Sharpshooter team, after her damage kept receiving nerfs. However, with this 3-star bonus, she should see some more playtime, at least in the early to mid-game.


Transfusion Damage: 400/600/900 ⇒ 400/600/1000

Vladimir has always been a unit with great potential, but the lack of damage at 3-stars kept him from being a late-game carry. This 100 extra damage at 3-stars should be a welcome buff, which should make him a potential main carry in the mid-game, or in a Syphoner team.


Fortune’s Guillotine Damage Falloff when reset: 25% ⇒ 25/20/10%

If you still remember the good ol' days of Space Pirate Darius carry with 2x Seraph's, I congratulate you. Not many players went for the dunkmaster in Fates, but that's partly because of the damage falloff that he received on his ultimate.

With this patch, Darius' damage will no longer fall off that much at subsequent stars, which should make him a fearsome carry once again, especially at 3* (and in a Slayer team).


Bladestorm Disarm Duration: 2.5/3/4 ⇒ 2.5/3/5 seconds

Irelia's 3-star bonus felt a little lackluster in the late game, so the increased disarm duration could mean that we'll see a lot more Enlightened + Divine comps. An extra second could make the difference in the late game, so keep an eye out for all the 3-star upcoming Irelias!


Zoomies Heal: 30/45/75% ⇒ 30/45/90% missing Health

Keeping the trend alive, Yuumi will also receive a massive buff. With her Zoomies being the sole source of LP loss for many players, this extra heal at 3-stars could instantly refill the HP of an ally from 1 to 100.


Infernal Chains Damage: 400/600/2000 ⇒ 400/600/2500


Rupture Damage: 200/400/1500 ⇒ 200/400/2000


Firecracker Damage: 100/200/800 ⇒ 100/200/1600


Featherstorm Return Damage: 100/200/400 ⇒ 100/200/600


Max Mana Lock Duration: 4/4/8 ⇒ 4 seconds

Just like I mentioned in the beginning, some of the 4-cost champions didn't really feel like true carries in the late game. If you brought a 4-cost unit all the way to 3-stars, it should be super rewarding, so that's why a lot of these changes should bring about more motivation for 3-starring carry units like Aatrox, Cho, Seju and Xayah.


Truestrike Bonus Damage: 100/150/400 ⇒ 150/200/600

Although Talon has been consistently performing decently, it was about time he received some major buffs. Talon will now deal even more damage at all stages, so definitely expect to see more of him in the arenas.

Changes to ranked LP gain and loss

I think we've all experienced some odd LP gains and losses. I, for one, have been getting a fairly similar LP for both second and third places, and honestly speaking it wasn't wow. After the latest patch, climbing should definitely feel more smooth and without so many hiccups. If you're still aiming to get a specific rank before the end of the season, now is the time to spam ranked games!

These are all the changes that the TFT patch 11.7 brought! For more about the game, make sure you check out our TFT hub!

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