Updated: August 2, 2021 - Updated to patch 11.15b

Today I've devised a TFT tier list and split it into several categories to help you pick the best units in the game and try to build a team around them.

Each time you start playing a new Teamfight Tactics game, you're probably thinking about those OP 4-cost and 5-cost units and how to build around them. Am I right? Don't answer that, deep down I know that's exactly how you feel. I've been in the exact same place, and the moment a new game starts, I'm thinking about the most efficient way to get to the late-game stages and get the dream 3* Draven.

However, the issue many of us have (myself included) is that we often overlook the less-flashy-but-equally-powerful units that can help us get into the late game. 

TFT tier list - best characters

Best team composition in TFT

In Teamfight Tactics, it's easy to get lost picking a good team composition, especially since there are so many units that have good potential, but fall short the longer a game goes on. That's the main reason why we've compiled two TFT tier lists, one for the early and one for the late game. 

These should help you choose the right units and traits to build around, and if you're still new to the game, then make sure you choose the best time to level up in order to get the exact units you need. Trust me, that's going to be super useful when you want to aim for a 4-cost carry! 

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On the first page of the TFT tier list, you are going to find all the single units that are considered the best in the current meta, and on the second page, you can find the units that are considered the best in the early game. of course, the second list is valid until about stage 4-something, when people start hitting levels 6-7 and 4-cost units might pop up in the Shop.

So... let's dive right in, shall we?

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