Teamfight Tactics announces this year’s Remix Rumble championship

The winner will take home the Golden Spatula trophy and $150,000.

Teamfight Tactics announces this year’s Remix Rumble championship

Teamfight Tactics has announced that this year’s TFT Remix Rumble Championship will be held from March 1st to March 3rd. Last year, the inaugural Teamfight Tactics Remix Rumble championship was hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada. The competition pits the top 32 Teamfight Tactics players from around the globe against each other. The winner will receive the Golden Spatula trophy, 150K USD and the Remix Rumble Champion title. 

On the first day of the event, the players will be divided into four lobbies where they will play six games. The lobbies will be shuffled after every two games. All 32 players will advance to Day 2 of the event with their points from Day 1 intact. Throughout the three-day event, players will receive points for each game, with first place getting eight points and eighth place receiving one point.

On Day 2, players will again be divided into four lobbies and play six games. However, only the top 8 players will advance to Day 3 of the competition. Day 3 of the competition will utilize a Checkmate Format. Whichever player reaches 20 points and gets a first-place finish will be dubbed the Remix Rumble Championship.

Further, this year’s winner of the Remix Rumble championship will automatically receive a spot in the Set 11 championship, providing they qualify at their regional finals. Cash prizes will be awarded to all 32 participants ranging in value from $150,000 to $2,500 for a total prize pool of $456,000.

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