Riot Games reveals all behind upcoming Teamfight Tactics update Inkborn Fables

Riot Games reveals all behind upcoming Teamfight Tactics update Inkborn Fables
  • There's new champions from the world of League of Legends
  • A new mechanic called Encounters
  • And more to choose from in this update!

Riot Games have revealed all with the Inkborn Fables, the incoming update for Teamfight Tactics, including a new key gameplay mechanic, Encounters. The team has also debuted a dev video explaining many of the changes, with the update set to hit Teamfight Tactics on March 20th.

The most interesting new mechanic is something called 'Encounters'. During random points in the game, you'll meet various characters on the board or even on the carousel. These meetings can help you, hinder you or just dramatically change up the mechanics of the game, adding an extra level of variety to matches in Teamfight Tactics. Alongside the 59 other champions coming to Teamfight Tactics, there are also two new characters from the world of Runeterra, the core setting of League of Legends.

Aphelios' twin sister Luna will step onto the battlefield for the first time ever, alongside Kobuko, a Yordle martial artist who's making his debut to both TFT and the world of Runeterra in this update. There are also new tacticians, more than 100 augments and 27 traits set to arrive in Inkborn Fables as well.

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Lead designer for Teamfight Tactics, Lynda Tang, explained what you can expect with the new update: “With Inkborn Fables, we wanted to explore a different vibe in Teamfight Tactics, and how we could transition players from the party vibes of Remix Rumble into something more relaxed where they could hear ancient legends and tales.

"Inkborn Fables will take players on an adventure to a new mystical and natural world which is filled with beauty but the unexpected can still occur during their journey. Players will discover the set’s myths and legends across Inkborn Fables’ champions, traits, augments, encounters, and more."

And this update is very much a whopper, you can check out the dev video above for a sneak peek at what was first revealed!

You can check out our coverage of the previous patches here, and the minutiae of the patch notes themselves.

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