Teamfight Tactics: Inkborn Fables is a massive new update debuting for Riot's League spin-off

Teamfight Tactics: Inkborn Fables is a massive new update debuting for Riot's League spin-off
  • The latest update, Inkborn Fables is arriving with patch 14.6
  • There are new champions, mechanics and more in the offing
  • An exclusive teaser trailer has also been released with more news coming in the near future

Teamfight Tactics' latest update has been announced as Inkborn Fables, with huge new additions to the game to be revealed in the coming weeks! The update is set to come alongside patch 14.6, and despite only a few tantalising details being available it promises to be a huge new addition to the game.

Set to take your 'Little Legends' journeying across an ancient world filled with mythological creatures and legendary heroes, whatever Riot Games is adding to their League of Legends Spin-off promises to be big.

Under Wraps

Although we haven't had any full reveals of what Inkborn Fables will entail in detail, we can reveal that at the very least you can look forward to new champions, mechanics, traits augments, cosmetics and both a new pass and a new pass+. 

You can watch the trailer for Inkborn Fables below!

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It'd be difficult to speculate about what exactly is being added in detail. But given the huge size of the League of Legends roster as it exists today, Teamfight Tactics has likely only scratched the surface of what's available to add. We documented our own tier list of the currently available units, letting you get an idea of where they rank currently.

The addition of new mechanics is perhaps the most intriguing. Whether or not this is going to be a development of the existing title, or perhaps a wild-card game mode, both are equally possible.

If you want you can look back at what was added to the game previously with their most recent major update, Remix Rumble and their most recent patch for Lunar New Year. Both of these presented some major additions, changes and new tidbits for fans to enjoy, so you can probably guess the scale of this latest update from the previous major ones.

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