Teamfight Tactics celebrates the Year of the Dragon with massive new patch

Take part in new quests such as Fishing in the Lavender Sea.

Teamfight Tactics celebrates the Year of the Dragon with massive new patch

Teamfight Tactics is launching its massive 14.1 patch. The new update includes map and item changes alongside new quests. Additionally, the latest update marks the launch of Set 3.5 Revival: Galaxies.

Set 3.5 Galaxies: Return to the Stars initially launched back in June 2020. The update included transforming Mecha and Space Pirates as well as introducing Portals, which at the time were called Galaxies. The new Set 3.5 Revival: Galaxies brings new vault items and an event pass that melds the original set's celestial theme with a Year of the Dragon motif.

During the Lunar Festival update, which launches January 24, you can snag various Year of the Dragon cosmetics, such as Chibi Prestige Dragon Fist Lee Sin, Chibi Porcelain Lux, and the Golden Dragon Skyscraper Arena.

Teamfight Tactics' new update also introduces several new quests, including Golden Ratio, in which Jhin and Hwei must battle to the death, and Fishing in the Lavender Sea, in which Bel’Veth and Jhin compete to see who can kill Baron Nashor. Your quest rewards will vary depending on which hero wins. For instance, in the new Battle of Spirit and Shadow quest, if Shen wins, his Ki Barrier shield will become 30% stronger. However, if Zed wins, his passive ability, Contempt for the Weak deals an extra 2% of the target's max health.

As part of patch 14.1, Teamfight Tactics is removing Mythic items from the League. Mythical items will be converted to Legendary, making them less powerful. The dev team believes removing Mythic items will let you focus more on each champion's unique mechanics. In addition, eliminating mythic items will make each spell you cast feel more vital.

Teamfight Tactics is available on PC, the App Store, and Google Play. For more information, visit the game's official webpage or follow @TFT on social media.

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