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Chopper or R2D2: which Droid is better for your Galaxy of Heroes squad?

R2D2 vs Chopper

Chopper or R2D2: which Droid is better for your Galaxy of Heroes squad?

When it comes to building a powerful team in Galaxy of Heroes, each character selection matters. Let’s compare and analyze two popular droids in Galaxy of Heroes - R2D2 and Chopper - to determine which is the better choice for your team.



To unlock R2D2, players will need to participate in the Daring Droid event and complete all seven tiers. This event requires five Empire-affiliated toons that are all at a seven-star count.

To unlock Chopper, players can farm his shards on campaign node 1-D (HARD) Dark Side, or can buy his shards through the Cantina Store with Cantina Credits.


R2D2 is known for its high speed, and its iconic defence-boosting ability. Additionally, R2D2 brings a variety of powerful debuffs to the field, including Stun, Burn, and Shock. Combined with his special move ability Smoke Screen, it can provide his team with a 70% to gain Stealth for two turns.

Chopper offers more support abilities. For example, his ability Cunning can decrease the cooldown rate of his allies' abilities, while granting them additional health and protection. In addition to that, Chopper's basic attack can dispel buffs from enemies, reducing their effectiveness in battle.

SWGOH chopper


Both droids work well with different types of teams. R2D2 is a powerful addition to most Resistance, Rebel and Droid-based teams.

However, Chopper is an excellent teammate for the Phoenix squad and all Rebel allies. I, personally, use Chopper with a Rebel lineup that consists of Princess Leia, Lando Calrissian, Clone Wars Chewbacca, and Admiral Akbar. He's a protector affiliated with the Rebels tag, which grants buffs and protection bonuses. Chopper can also heal Rebel allies throughout the battle.

So, is there a clear winner in the R2D2 vs Chopper comparison?

The best droid for your team will ultimately depend on your playing style and the other characters in your squad. With that being said, if you're looking for a more offence-minded ally, go for R2D2. On the contrary, Chopper works better as a healer and supporter. Either way, both droids offer multiple benefits and are valuable additions to your Galaxy of Heroes lineup.

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