GDC '09: Spore Creatures evolving onto the iPhone

Genetic code grows legs on an Apple

GDC '09: Spore Creatures evolving onto the iPhone

Tracy’s busy schmoozing with the gaming bigwigs over at this year’s GDC, and has picked up on a tasty bit of evolutionary news in the shape of Spore Creatures.

The DS game (pictured) is apparently being adapted to the iPhone, which should work quite nicely considering the large, multi-touch screen and strong graphics capability.

Spore Creatures did quite well on the DS, offering up a cut-down version of the evolutionary revolution the PC game offered. We’ve already seen Spore: Origins on the iPhone, which suggested the beginnings of a new franchise that never quite materialised.

Still, the combination of a more suitable platform, simple connectivity and the quirky Darwinian gameplay might blend together to create a whole new animal that survives out of the water a little easier than the DS version managed.

Watch this gene pool.