Exclusive: First details on Spore Creatures on iPhone

First screenshots of new land-based play

Exclusive: First details on Spore Creatures on iPhone

During our presentation on iPhone gaming at Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, EA Mobile provided exclusive first details on Spore Creatures.

The sequel, which builds on AIAS Mobile Game of the Year Spore Origins, has you controlling a land-based creature through 20 levels spread across 4 zones.

Like the first game, you move through levels with tips and tilts of your handset. The objective is to munch on smaller animals in order to grow your organism into a lean, mean evolutionary machine.

Boss battles at the end of certain levels test your creature's abilities and your own decisions in how you develop its skills.

Spore Creatures naturally comes with a new set of development options in five categories: offense, defense, perception, movement, and social. As you make your way up the evolutionary ladder, you can choose parts to add on your creature.

Camera functionality returns, allowing you to take snapshots and paste them as textures onto your creature. While this currently can only be done on an iPhone, a new iPod Touch model that includes a camera is expected to be announced early next week.

One feature not supported in the original game is iPod Library Access. Support for firmware 3.0 means you can naturally select your own music during play.

Spore Creatures currently hasn't been given a release date, though EA Mobile assures us that it will be on the App Store before the end of their fiscal year.