GDC '09: FIFA, Command & Conquer headline massive EA iPhone line up

14 previously unannounced titles debut at Game Developers Conference

GDC '09: FIFA, Command & Conquer headline massive EA iPhone line up

During a session led by VP Worldwide Studios Travis Boatman, EA Mobile revealed a massive slate of games specific to iPhone through the end of 2009.

Iterations of FIFA and Command & Conquer top the list of most exciting announcements, but the list continues with a surprising bunch of games. Madden NFL, NBA Live, and SSX round out the sports line up.

When asked about tackling complex genres such as real-time strategy on iPhone, Boatman was eager to beat back skepticism that Command & Conquer and in-depth sports games can't be done on the device. "We're taking those challenges head on."

An iPhone adaptation of Wolfenstein RPG was also revealed to be coming. Spore Creatures, which appears to be a rehash of the Nintendo DS title of the same name, is also in the works.

"We have a phenomenal mix of casual and core games this year," proclaims Boatman. Joining the aforementioned games will be a large list of casual, social network games including Connect 4, Battleship, RISK, Monopoly (classic version, not the recently release World Edition), and Clue.

Pop star show sensation American Idol is getting the iPhone treatment, as well as an iPhone version of recently reviewed Mysteria Mania. All these titles are slated for release before the end of 2009, joining previously announced versions of Need for Speed Undercover and Tiger Woods PGA Tour.