Songs of Travel follows the stories of five migrants from different walks of life

Songs of Travel follows the stories of five migrants from different walks of life
  • Describing itself as an 'animated graphic novel' the game seeks to inform and educate
  • It follows five different migrants from equally separate walks of life
  • It hopes to offer insight into some 'truly inspiring individuals'

Songs of Travel is a new animated graphic novel coming from developer Causa Creations which shows the lives of five different migrants, painting a vivid picture of their various reasons for travelling and their experiences. It's partially based on the experiences of Syrian artist Jack Guttman who worked with Causa to create another of Causa Creations efforts, Path Out.

Although a solid release date has yet to be set, the developers have confirmed the game is set to release in 2024.

A serious title

As we noted above, Song of Travel bills itself as more of an animated graphic novel. It follows the experiences of Light, Vân, Michele, Hasan and Olya who have all migrated or are related to migrants. The narrative dives into their experiences, their reasons for migrating and both the struggles and joy they find in the process. It deals with topics such as war, the struggles of a dual identity and refugees, promising to give you a heartfelt and informative experience.

You can check out the trailer for Songs of Travel below!

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Songs of Travel comes at a suitable time. We recently covered a similar game, Please, Touch the Artwork 2, which I reviewed, that - while it does not deal with something as present and serious as the experiences of migrants - does seek to educate you about a real-world topic, fine art in that case. Songs of Travel seems to represent a continued move to bring serious, engaging but educational games to mobile. And with gaming on Android and iOS being so accessible, why not? If you want to reach out to people there's no more widely used platform that we know of.

And if you want to look at other games which take on serious issues one which we can wholeheartedly recommend is This War of Mine. Challenging you to survive a massive war not as a soldier, but as a survivor scrambling to keep alive, safe and fed in the ruins of what was once your home.

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