Songs of Travel will release on Android and iOS early in May

Explore the emotionally empowering story of five migrants

Songs of Travel will release on Android and iOS early in May
  • Five migrants come to Europe in search of a better life
  • Explore the distinctive stories of each one, learning about the trials and tribulations they face
  • Will release on May 9th

A few months ago, Causa Creations unveiled their latest project, Songs of Travel, an emotional graphic novel based on the life of five migrants. It chronicles their journey and explains how they found their place in the world. The title has been developed for iOS and Android and will be released in a few weeks.

Songs of Travel isn’t your average game - it packs a punch and promises an immersive experience that explores the aspirations, ambitions, and personalities of migrants looking to start afresh in Europe. Through beautifully animated visuals and captivating narratives, you will dive deep into the personal stories of individuals from diverse backgrounds.

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Through the graphic novel, you will explore the tales of Light, a non-binary Syrian refugee; Van, the daughter of a Vietnamese contract worker; Michele, the son of an Italian coal miner; Hasan, who moved from Istanbul to Austria at a young age; and Olya, a Ukrainian lawyer and refugee. Each character brings a distinctive perspective and journey, shedding light on the complexities of migration and survival.

The game's empowering narratives are a result of the experiences of Syrian artist Jack Gutmann, who co-developed the award-winning game Path Out. Add to those contributions from Northern Irish composer Elaine Agnew, who brings a specially curated soundtrack that amplifies the title’s immersion. Music is a crucial aspect and adds depth to each individual’s story.

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In addition to its release on mobile devices, Songs of Travel will also be presented at four partnering festivals across Europe. If you're in Ireland, Sweden, or Norway, the game will be showcased alongside live performances and cultural events this year, whereas players from the Netherlands can enjoy this in 2025.

Songs of Travel will be released on the App Store and Google Play on May 9th. You can find more information by visiting the official website.

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