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Solo Leveling: Arise guide - Five crucial tips

Solo Leveling: Arise guide - Five crucial tips

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If you are eager to learn everything there is to know about Solo Leveling Arise, then you better grab a pen and paper because things are about to get serious. I've personally played a lot of games, but never have I experienced the amount of new content and features that you get in SLA - I've even said it in my SLA review some time ago. 

So buckle up, because we're about to dive into this guide right away. There are many things to consider, so we should start with one of the most coveted questions (well, one of two, actually).

Is Solo Leveling Arise P2W, and should you play it if you're a casual player?

To start my guide by mentioning this should give you an idea. Honestly, you can probably enjoy the game pretty much as it is, even if you're F2P. However, you will probably need five times the luck and hours that other people could get with a single subscription to the game, or with a single purchase. 

There is a bit of a barrier between F2P and premium players in Solo Leveling Arise, but if you're here for the game because you love Solo Leveling and Sung Jinwoo, you shouldn't let the paywall be a factor in your decision. It's true, some features ARE stuck behind a paywall, such as the Special Summons, but if you don't let that bother you, you'll find yourself enjoying the game.

Sung Jinwoo in a post-battle scene

Make sure to read all the other tips I've written in this article - no matter if you decide to be a premium player or a F2P. All of these tips are generally good, especially in the early stages of the game.

Casual player or not, you shouldn't miss any of the Solo Leveling Arise codes! We've got them all, so check them out while they're fresh.

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Tip #1 - Play the Hunter Archive chapters

Hunters fighting treasure chest gate

It might not be obvious at first, but the Hunter Archive chapters are pretty good if you want to get more Essence Stones. There are a few chapters out, and more will be added in the future, but for now, it's important to finish the ones that are out. You can start with the chapter for Lee Joohee since you will have that one unlocked by default, and then use the keys to unlock the others.

You get 3 free keys every day, so you can unlock 3 new chapters daily. That automatically translates to 150 Essence Stones per day, in addition to the other Essence Stones you can get for completing other tasks. Don't sleep on this, because if you want to progress fast and do a lot of draws, this is extremely important.

Also, it's worth knowing that for the SR chapters (Lee Joohee, Kang Taeshik, Kim Chul), you can get a total of 250 Essence Stones per chapter. For the SSR ones (Cha Hae-In is the only one at the moment) you can get a total of 400 Essence Stones, so no matter what order you complete them in, make sure you do them all.

Tip #2 - Farming Gates is great for levelling up

Solo Leveling Arise Gates layout

Gates are a feature that everyone is familiar with - it's what the manga and anime are all about, even if the game is not predominantly revolving around them. However, they ARE an important feature if you want to level up fast and get tons of rewards. The more you complete, the better.

You can play the gates either as Sung Jinwoo or as any of the other Hunters you have, depending on the Gate type. After you've completely cleared a Gate, you can start Mining it. Make sure you do that for all the gates you've completed because that's lots of additional loot.

How to get Gate Keys

You can get Gate Keys in a couple of ways. First, you can opt to purchase Gate Keys by using Essence Stones, which costs 150 Essence Stones for 3 Gate Keys. The second way to get keys, which is why you should do as many Gates daily as possible, is with the daily reset. Every day you will get your Gate Keys refilled, so this is the best way to get more.

I recommend doing all of your gates for the EXP bonus, and not only. If you have a chance to run into an A-tier Gate or even an S-tier Gate, it's mandatory to do them. As you can imagine, the rewards from the higher tier Gates are a lot better!

Tip #3 - Story Mode and Side Story chapters

Hunters battling in a Gate

The best way to go about the Story Mode chapters and the Side Story ones is to play them ASAP. Even if you can't complete them with 3* at first, it's really important to finish them (even with 1*) because that will propel you forward. You'll gain a lot of EXP and levels, so whenever you have some additional time, you can go back to clear them with 3*.

When it comes to the Side Story chapters, you should aim to complete them with 3* on the first try, because they are easier than the Story Mode chapters typically. If that's not possible though, you can always come back and revisit them once you get stronger. In short, just try to complete the chapters as soon as you can, however, you can, and focus on getting stronger.

The one thing you should pay a lot of attention to is the missions that appear during battle. Some battles will ask you to use Extreme Evasion a certain number of times or ask you to clear a stage with a specific Hunter. Assuming you play with Auto mode, you should still keep an eye on these because if you cast the skills yourself, you might end up getting 3* easily. Also, in the chapters that ask you to play with a specific Hunter, if that one isn't on your team but you have it, simply quit the stage and restart it using that Hunter on the team.

Tip #4 - Focus on a few select Hunters

Solo Leveling Arise list of characters in Draw

If you are a F2P player, chances are you know how limited the resources are. I strongly recommend focusing on just a few Hunters at the start, like 3 or 4. The Solo Leveling Arise tier list I created is listing them all based on how powerful they are, so try to focus on a few of these. Even some of the SR ones are pretty good, so if you don't have any good SSRs, just level up the good SRs.

You can start with these three if you have nothing better:

  • Hwang Dongsuk
  • Yoo Jinho
  • Park Heejin (she is really good for a SR unit)

Make sure you always level them up as much as you can, because it only costs Gold. Also, it's good to learn what their skills do, so you can use them more efficiently in every battle.

Tip #5 - Think about Sung Jinwoo's build ahead of time

Sung Jinwoo Hunter preview

You should always think about the end-game build you want Sung Jinwoo to have. Even if you don't have the weapon you set your eyes on yet, it's good to know what to prioritise in terms of skill points. I've created a full guide where I go into more detail on the skill points build, so make sure you check that out as well.

The next important thing to know about Sung Jinwoo's build is the Artifacts. You don't want to spend too much on some low-tier Artifacts, so until you get the ones you want, just upgrade whatever you have up to +10. That will give you enough stats without losing too many resources.

Check out the skills ahead of time so you know exactly what Sung can do, and how you should build him. Since he's the main character that you play with,

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