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Solo Leveling Arise best build for Sung Jinwoo

Solo Leveling Arise best build for Sung Jinwoo
  • You can unlock new skills by simply acquiring the Runes.
  • Pick the best skills based on your play style and the enemy you're facing.
  • For Sung Jinwoo, I picked Multistrike, Death's Dance and Vital Strike as the go-to skills.

No Hunter is complete without a full set of skills, and if you want to have a much easier time destroying the bosses, I have just the build for you. Below I've put together a build for Sung Jinwoo, so you can pick the best skills or work your way towards acquiring and upgrading them.

It's good to keep in mind that no build is absolute. It all depends on the playstyle of the player, and of course, the enemies that you're facing. Sometimes you have to adapt and change your skills to benefit from additional effects and even element bonuses.

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How to get skills in Solo Leveling Arise

There are a couple of ways to get more skills in Solo Leveling Arise. No matter if you're a casual player or a premium player, it's all entirely up to luck, up to a point. Here's how:

  • You get new skills when you complete the Job Change Conditions and Missions.
  • When you get a new Rune, if you don't have the skill that Rune is for, it will automatically unlock it for you. 

The best skills build for Sung Jinwoo

The skills I have chosen are focused on two main factors, that you will need in every battle: Break and Damage. 'Break' lets you interrupt an enemy's attack and deems them vulnerable for a while. It's something that you need to have for every Boss fight, because the later in the game, the tougher it gets. 

Make sure that you focus on the Runes as much as you can, because they can take a skill to the next level (literally and figuratively). You shouldn't overlook this, and for that, you should redeem the latest Solo Leveling Arise codes because they could give you some useful loot to help you get stronger.


Rune: Illusion (or Pummel, or even Percussion - they are all good, depending on the enemy you're fighting) (max level)

Illusion rune

Clones appear as Jinwoo moves forward and attacks continuously.

  • Damage: 377% of Jinwoo's attack
  • Cooldown: 10 sec
  • MP Consumption: 100
  • Deals Dark elemental damage.
  • Deals medium Break damage.
  • Upon final hit, inflicts the [Airborne] effect.
  • The user becomes [Invincible] while using this skill.
  • Every time this skill hits, increases damage by 3% (stacking up to 3 times).
  • When this skill hits, it resets the cooldown of Dagger Toss (Cooldown: 30 seconds).

While Dagger Toss is not a skill that you will probably use a lot, if you happen to get Multistrike with Illusion, you can definitely give it a try. Otherwise, you can go for Pummel, which is another great Rune for this, granting you additional Crit and the [Super Armor] effect. 

Death's Dance

Rune:  Eruption (max level)

Eruption rune

Jinwoo performs a spinning attack while moving forward. After, he rotates horizontally and strikes the ground, causing 3 explosions.

  • Damage: 500% of Jinwoo's attack
  • Cooldown: 15 sec
  • MP Consumption: 150
  • Deals Dark elemental damage.
  • Inflicts heavy Break damage.
  • When the final hit lands, inflicts the [Airborne] effect.
  • Damage dealt to Bosses and Elite Monsters increases by 75%.

Death's Dance is an amazing skills, especially with Eruption Rune. This is an extremely high DPS skill, and if you happen to get the Eruption Rune as Legendary, the damage increases even more. It should be your second focus, after Multistrike.

Vital Strike

Rune: Hone In (max level)

Hone in rune

Quickly stabs the enemy once, followed by continuous stabs.

  • Damage: 650% of Jinwoo's attack
  • Cooldown: 15 sec
  • MP Consumption: 150
  • Damage dealt to Bosses and Elite Monsters increases by 75%.

I believe that Vital Strike is the best DPS skill in the game. You don't get other elemental effects, but with so much damage, it won't really be necessary as long as you have a Break skill and a good weapon. 

Sung Jinwoo skills tier list

S Multistrike, Death's Dance, Vital Strike
A Crushing Blow, Cutting Rush (situational), Mutilate (situational), The Commander's Touch (situational, could be S tier)
B Double Slash, Dagger Toss
C Vertical Arts

That sums up my choice of skills for the best Sung Jinwoo build. Feel free to experiment with the skills if you don't want to play with these - no build is set in stone! Also, if you happen to have a Legendary Rune, maybe you want to try playing that one from time to time! 

Cristina Mesesan
Cristina Mesesan
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