Seven Knights 2 continues its 1-year anniversary with even more free stuff including some high rarity characters

Seven Knights 2 continues its 1-year anniversary with even more free stuff including some high rarity characters
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Mobile gaming giant Netmarble has announced that their massively popular mobile MMORPG Seven Knights 2 is continuing its 1-year anniversary celebration with even more additions and events following the light update that occurred about a week ago.

This continuation of the event includes the likes of a few new events, but also - most importantly - the addition of two new heroes for players to try their luck on rolling for: Moon Slicing Yacha, Ace and Platin.

Yacha is a mythic hero who has the capability to swap between two forms along with a stat that is specific to them and an upgradable passive ability that unlocks aside the hero.

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Platin, a Legendary+ and Universal hero, holds the power to remove debuffs off their allies and prevent the recovery of enemies as well. Specifically within the PvP side of the game, Platin specializes in disabling Support heroes and can provide other heroes recovery abilities.

Now for the huge array of events on display: The Special Check-in Event is your standard log-in event, and if you log in every day during this celebration, you can receive a ton of different and expensive rewards. This runs alongside the Special Check-in Event for New and Returning Commanders, which also hands out tons of quick growth materials to catch up to current content.

Finally, the 1st Anniversary Carnival Event will supply players with missions to complete for 7 days that will then reward them with a free Legendary+ Hero and Equipment Set alongside up to 10,000 Rubies.

These are just the absolute basic highlights of some of the events and additions being added in with this update alone. For a more expansive rundown, check out the official Seven Knights 2 website. In the meantime, you can download the game for free at either of the links below this article!

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