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Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice codes (February 2024)

Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice codes (February 2024)
Updated on February 27, 2024 - Checked for new codes

You can find all the Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice codes that have been released thus far, so if you want to get a bunch of freebies to help you upgrade your units quicker or simply benefit from some extra free summons, then make sure you redeem them as soon as possible! 

While it has been popular for a while and has been released a long, long time ago (originally), Saint Seiya has fascinated many - and rightfully so. Both the manga and the anime increased that following, and lately, with the release of Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice, players found an incredibly fun game to immerse into, and to enjoy the company of some of their favourite Guardians.

Active Saint Seiya: Legends of Justice codes

At the moment, these are all the active codes for the game. Make sure to redeem them soon, because they are only valid for a limited time! 

  • MARDIGRAS2024 - Diamonds and coins
  • LOONGYEAR - Diamonds and coins
  • CARNIVAL2024 - Diamonds and coins
  • HappyEpiphany - Diamonds and coins
  • HAPPYNEWYEAR2024 - Diamonds and coins
  • IKKIQPEHNK - Diamonds and coins
  • SORASSLOJ - Diamonds and coins
  • WHATAFAILSSLOJ - Diamonds and coins
  • IKKIEDHDGH - Diamonds and coins
  • AIORIADOKO - Diamonds and coins
  • MUCAMUS - Diamonds and coins
  • IKKIYEBFLO - Diamonds and coins
  • MERRYCHRISTMAS - Diamonds and coins
  • THANKYOU - Diamonds and coins

Expired codes

  • DC1STSEIYA - Diamonds & Coins
  • seiyaloj1st (Valid till June 19)
  • cadeauathena0406
  • WomensDay2023
  • CARNIVAL2023
  • LanternFestival2023
  • Lunarnewyear2023
  • HappyNewYear2023
  • Xmas2022
  • Poseidon1222
  • Joyeuxnoel2022
  • seiya1201
  • Thanksgiving2022
  • Halloween2022
  • ssloj100days
  • SaintSeiya1013
  • shiryu1004
  • seiya0923
  • gratitude
  • StrategyDC
  • shun0909
  • SaintseiyaFR
  • SaintseiyaBR
  • SaintseiyaBR0825
  • SaintseiyaFR0825
  • Saintseiya0825
  • Seiyajojoy
  • FactyKilianSeiya
  • DC10001
  • DC10000
  • athena0901
  • Trash
  • hwsaint
  • Sheshounet
  • Seiya0712
  • Saintseiya0712
  • Seiya2022
  • SeiyaGift
  • JOJOYseiya4
  • MangaTrash
  • JOJOYseiya3
  • JOJOYseiya1
  • VirgoShunDC
  • JOJOYseiya2
  • hw001knight
  • Poseidon0825
  • seiya999
  • seiya888
  • Amixem
  • TrashLive
  • Perience
  • seiya1111
  • IKKIsgift
  • seiya2207
  • CYRILmp4
  • vcsabia
  • Cocielo
  • WankilFr
  • SeiyaOneMonth
  • SurveyReward
  • AiorosDC
  • MermaidDC
  • StoreFeature
  • OneWeekGift
  • MillionGift

How to redeem codes in Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice

In order to redeem the above-mentioned codes, simply follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Tap on your avatar in the upper left corner of the screen
  • Step 2: Tap on the Settings menu
  • Step 3: Paste one of the active Saint Seiya codes 
  • Step 4: Type in your code and select Redeem

The rewards for each active code redeemed will automatically be granted to you. Claim them as soon as you see a new one released, so you won't miss out on any of the rewards.

We're updating the codes for Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice regularly, so bookmark this page and check it often because we're adding every new code as soon as it gets released!

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Original article by Cristina Mesesan, updated by Sumant Meena
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