RuneScape reveals roadmap of content for the rest of 2024

What new addition are you most excited for?

RuneScape reveals roadmap of content for the rest of 2024
  • New Group Ironman mode to enjoy with friends this time
  • Sanctum of Rebirth boss battles alongside a Skilling Boss mode
  • Two new story quests as well as seasonal modes

Jagex just announced the release of a new novel set in the world of RuneScape, but that’s not the only news from Gielinor. Coming in hot is an entire roadmap that showcases all the new content coming to the beloved MMORPG over the next few months. From a new game mode to several more quests and boss fights, the second half of 2024 looks quite promising for fans.

Kicking things off is Group Ironman, a new game mode that will be available from autumn. It commemorates a decade since the release of the original Ironman mode and will allow you to have the same experience, but with your friends this time. Experience the magic of RuneScape once more, this time without the Grand Exchange, trading or PvP XP as you can rely only on gathering and crafting.


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Then comes the Sanctum of Rebirth in July, a boss dungeon that will shake up the MMO's combat style. Up to four players will take on bosses one after the other using the new Magic Duel Wield weapons. If that’s too daunting for you, train yourself in the Skilling Boss mode which is being developed through community support to ensure the best possible experience for you.

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RuneScape’s storyline hasn’t been forgotten either, as two new missions will be added later this year. They pick up from Requiem for a Dragon and will carry forward the Bilrach storyline. Both these quests will directly lead into the Sanctum of Rebirth, ensuring that everything added to the game feels cohesive and connected.

To top it off, seasonal events will take place all over the year. You can expect celebrations for Halloween in autumn, followed by the return of the Christmas Village to conclude the year. All of them will have their own themed hub, seasonal quests, new characters, and several rewards to gather.

You can learn all about these updates by visiting RuneScape’s official website.

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