RuneScape concludes the Fort Forinthyr storyline in new quest Requiem for a Dragon

The new adventure launches today

RuneScape concludes the Fort Forinthyr storyline in new quest Requiem for a Dragon
  • RuneScape Mobile's new quest Requiem for a Dragon ties up a long-running storyline
  • Journey into a new area and discover the secret of what happened to the wounded dragon Vorkath
  • Just beware that some not-so-friendly faces may be waiting for you

RuneScape's new adventure Requiem for a Dragon is available today on all platforms, including mobile. Taking you to the frozen mountains of Ungael, you'll discover what happened to the wounded dragon Vorkath and wrap up the mysteries of the Fort Forinthyr storyline. You can hop into it now on iOS, Android or any platform of your choosing.

Journey to the frozen cliffs of Ungael on the trail of Vorkath, finding new mysteries, treasures and more. You'll uncover a new a new necromancy ritual site, a new item called The Ring of Zorgot to up the potency of your necromantic spells and the title of "Soulfarer" as well as the Ungael teleport spell.

Just keep your wits about you because some unfriendly Zamorakian faces may be waiting for you.

Chasing the Dragon
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Fort Forinthyr itself has been a very interesting topic to dig into, with the ongoing questline challenging players to engage with RuneScape in a more active way not seen previously. Working towards upgrading the titular fort to advance the storyline, we're sure there'll be a few of you upset to see this part of the storyline come to a close. But don't fret, because RuneScape developers Jagex has confirmed that the end of this questline is only the build-up to another, even more, exciting one.

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