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Slayers Unleashed codes for breathing rerolls and more (February 2024)

Slayers Unleashed codes for breathing rerolls and more (February 2024)
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Updated on February 26, 2024 - Checked for new codes

Slayers Unleashed is a fun Roblox block game that has characters from the famous Demon Slayer anime and manga franchise. Players can create their own characters and style them according to their desires.

Redeem codes are a great way of keeping the player base interested in playing the game as players can get free rewards just for staying connected to the game. Are you interested in getting free rewards just for putting text in a box? Well, we have some amazing news for you as we have a bunch of Slayers Unleashed codes that will provide you with some great rewards in-game.

Slayers Unleashed likes to release new redeem codes every once in a while, to celebrate their new version updates or on special occasions like festivals, social media goals, etc. In this article, we will mention all the currently active redeem codes for Slayers Unleashed which are most likely still available to be claimed!

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List of active Slayers Unleashed codes

This includes the list of all the currently active redeem codes. Keep in mind that you have to be part of Slayers Unleashed Roblox Group to be able to get rewards from the codes listed below:

Latest Slayers Unleashed codes:

  • ;code SundayBreathingReroll: Rerolls Breathing
  • ;code SundayBreathingReroll2: Rerolls Breathing
  • ;code SundayBreathingReroll3: Rerolls Breathing
  • ;code SundayBreathingReroll4: Rerolls Breathing
  • ;code SundayBDAReroll: Rerolls BDA
  • ;code SundayBDAReroll2: Rerolls BDA
  • ;code SundayBDAReroll3: Rerolls BDA
  • ;code SundayBDAReroll4: Rerolls BDA
  • ;code SundayClanReroll: Rerolls Clan
  • ;code SundayClanReroll2: Rerolls Clan
  • ;code SundayClanReroll3: Rerolls Clan
  • ;code SundayClanReroll4: Rerolls Clan
  • ;code SundayRaceReroll: Rerolls Race
  • ;code SundayRaceReroll2: Rerolls Race
  • ;code SundayRaceReroll3: Rerolls Race
  • ;code SundayRaceReroll4: Rerolls Race
  • ;code SundayMarkRerollRerolls Slayer Mark
  • ;code SundayMarkReroll2Rerolls Slayer Mark
  • ;code SundayExpBoost: EXP Boost
  • ;code SundayExpBoost2: EXP Boost
  • ;code SundayDropBoost: Drop Boost
  • ;code SundayDropBoost: Drop Boost
  • ;code SundayStatReset: Resets Stats
  • ;code LegacyPowerReroll: Rewards
  • ;code LegacyPowerReroll2: Rewards
  • ;code LegacyPowerReroll3: Rewards
  • ;code LegacyPowerReroll4: Rewards
  • ;code LegacyBDAReroll: Rewards
  • ;code LegacyBDAReroll2: Rewards
  • ;code LegacyBDAReroll3: Rewards
  • ;code LegacyBDAReroll4: Rewards
  • ;code LegacyClanReroll: Rewards
  • ;code LegacyClanReroll2: Rewards
  • ;code LegacyClanReroll3: Rewards
  • ;code LegacyClanReroll4: Rewards
  • ;code LegacyRaceReroll: Rewards
  • ;code LegacyRaceReroll2: Rewards
  • ;code LegacyRaceReroll3: Rewards
  • ;code LegacyRaceReroll4: Rewards
  • ;code LegacyStatReset: Rewards
  • ;code 380KLikesSpins: 15 spins
  • ;code 380KLikesExpBoost: 15 min XP boost
  • ;code 380KLikesExpBoost2: 15 min XP boost
  • ;code 380KLikesDropBoost: 15-minute drop boost
  • ;code 380KLikesDropBoost2: 15-minute drop boost
  • ;code 380KLikesStatReset: reset stat points
  • ;code Halloween2023Spins - Free Spins
  • ;code Halloween2023ExpBoost - XP Boost
  • ;code Halloween2023ExpBoost2 - XP Boost
  • ;code Halloween2023ExpBoost3 - XP Boost
  • ;code Halloween2023DropBoost - Drop Boost
  • ;code Halloween2023DropBoost2 - Drop Boost
  • ;code Halloween2023DropBoost3 - Drop Boost
  • ;code Halloween2023StatReset - Stat Reset
  • ;code PreHalloweenSpins - Free Spins
  • ;code PreHalloweenStatReset - Stat Reset
  • ;code PreHalloweenStatReset1 - Stat Reset
  • ;code PreHalloweenExpBoost - XP Boost
  • ;code PreHalloweenExpBoost1 - XP Boost
  • ;code PreHalloweenDropBoost - Drop Boost
  • ;code PreHalloweenDropBoost1 - Drop Boost
  • ;code MoonV2Spins - Free Spins
  • ;code MoonV2ExpBoost - XP Boost
  • ;code MoonV2ExpBoost2 - XP Boost
  • ;code MoonV2DropBoost - Drop Boost
  • ;code MoonV2DropBoost2 - Drop Boost
  • ;code MoonV2StatReset - Stat Reset
  • ;code UpdateSpins - Free Spins
  • ;code UpdateExpBoost - XP Boost
  • ;code UpdateExpBoost2 - XP Boost
  • ;code UpdateDropBoost - Drop Boost
  • ;code UpdateDropBoost2 - Drop Boost
  • ;code UpdateStatReset - Stat Reset
  • ;code UnlimitedSpinsWorks - Free Spins
  • ;code NoRestartSpins1 - Free Spins
  • ;code MissionsUpdateStatReset1 - Stat Reset
  • ;code MissionsUpdateStatReset2 - Stat Reset
  • ;code MissionsUpdateSpins - Free Spins
  • ;code UnlimitedSpinsWorks - free spins
  • ;code AbsolutelyCoolestExperienceBooster1 - free spins
  • ;code AbsolutelyCoolestExperienceBooster2 - free spins
  • ;code AbsolutelyCoolestDropBooster1 - free spins
  • ;code AbsolutelyCoolestDropBooster2 - free spins
  • ;code MoonReworkSpins - Free Spins
  • ;code MoonReworkExpBoost - XP Boosts
  • ;code MoonReworkExpBoost2 - XP Boosts
  • ;code MoonReworkExpBoost3 - XP Boosts
  • ;code MoonReworkDropBoost - Drop Boost
  • ;code MoonReworkDropBoost2 - Drop Boost
  • ;code MoonReworkDropBoost3 - Drop Boost
  • ;code MoonReworkStatReset - Stat Reset
  • ;code MoonReworkStatReset2 - Stat Reset
  • ;code MoonReworkStatReset3 - Stat Reset
  • ;code 94MSpins - Free Spins
  • ;code 94MExpBoost - 15min 2x EXP
  • ;code 94MExpBoost2 - 15min 2x EXP
  • ;code 94MExpBoost3 - 15min 2x EXP
  • ;code 94MDropBoost - 15min 2x Drop
  • ;code 94MDropBoost2 - 15min 2x Drop
  • ;code 94MDropBoost3 - 15min 2x Drop
  • ;code 94MStatReset - Stat Points Reset
  • ;code 94MStatReset2 - Stat Points Reset
  • ;code 375KLikesSpins - 15 spins
  • ;code 375KLikesExpBoost - 15min 2x EXP
  • ;code 375KLikesExpBoost2 - 15min 2x EXP
  • ;code 375KLikesExpBoost3 - 15min 2x EXP
  • ;code 375KLikesDropBoost - 15min 2x Drop
  • ;code 375KLikesDropBoost2 - 15min 2x Drop
  • ;code 375KLikesDropBoost3 - 15min 2x Drop
  • ;code 375KLikesStatReset - Stat Points Reset
  • ;code 375KLikesStatReset2 - Stat Points Reset
  • ;code RewardSpins - Spins
  • ;code RewardExpBoost - an XP Boost
  • ;code RewardExpBoost2 - an XP Boost
  • ;code RewardExpBoost3 - an XP Boost
  • ;code RewardDropBoost - a Drop Boost
  • ;code RewardDropBoost2 - a Drop Boost
  • ;code RewardDropBoost3 - a Drop Boost
  • ;code RewardStatReset - a Stat Reset
  • ;code RewardStatReset2- a Stat Reset
  • ;code RewardStatReset3- a Stat Reset
  • ;code RevampSpins - Spins
  • ;code RevampExp - an XP Boost
  • ;code RevampExp2 - an XP Boost
  • ;code RevampExp3 - an XP Boost
  • ;code RevampDropBoost - a Drop Boost
  • ;code RevampDropBoost2 - a Drop Boost
  • ;code RevampDropBoost3 - a Drop Boost

How to redeem codes in Slayers Unleashed?

Using redeem codes in Slayers Unleashed is as easy as a walk in the park. Follow these 3 simple steps to redeem Slayers Unleashed codes.

  • Open Slayers Unleashed. Keep in mind that you have to be part of Slayers Unleashed Roblox Group to be able to get rewards from the codes listed below.
  • Once the game is open, go to the chatbox and type or copy/paste the redeem code in the chatbox.
  • Click on enter and you will get the rerolls for different aspects of the game.

Do not worry if some of the redeem codes are expired as we will keep updating this list with new and active redeem codes for Slayers Unleashed when they come. To get the latest updates on newly released codes for Slayers Unleashed, don’t forget to bookmark and regularly visit this page for faster updates.

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