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Can you refund items in Roblox?

Can you refund items in Roblox?
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Roblox is a platform that features loads of different games. You can play hundreds of them, all created by different developers. The vast majority of these games are free to enter, but they do often have in-game purchases using the in-game currency called Robux. These purchases can be for skins in the game, power-ups, revives, better weapons, and more. In-game purchases, for the most part, are only used inside of the game and do not work game to game. These items are meant to help the gameplay experience or show off your avatar customisation skills within the game.

Roblox also has a catalogue of cosmetics for your specific avatar, with the items being sold by both Roblox and by other developers. These cosmetics exist outside of the individual games and can be used across all of them, as a way to customise your default avatar. With so many different ways to purchase items with Robux, you might be wondering, can you refund items in Roblox?

Can you refund items in Roblox?

The short answer is no. It is very unlikely that you can refund your items in Roblox. Roblox itself will not refund purchases from within an experience, though you can reach out to the individual developers and see what they say. From a developer perspective, Roblox does take a cut and they have no solid way to actually give you back Robux, so it’s often not possible for you to get a refund from developers directly for their in-game purchases.

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When making an in-game purchase, there is a pop-up that delays the amount of time before you can click confirm, giving you a moment to ensure you want to make your purchase. Roblox feels that this is a reason why you should be absolutely sure you want to make that purchase. This means it’s not at all likely that you can make an accidental purchase.

If you purchase a cosmetic outside of a game experience, and that item is then removed by the creator or by Roblox, you will get a refund for that individual item. You can also report to Roblox using a form if an item you purchase in-game or in the cosmetic store doesn’t work as described; however, Roblox is still very unlikely to give you back your Robux.