Is Roblox shutting down?

Is Roblox shutting down?
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Every few years, everyone on the internet seems to think that Roblox might be shutting down. The year is currently 2022, and with Roblox currently having more players than ever, constant updates, new additions to the platform and more, it’s safe to say that no, Roblox is not shutting down.

The Roblox Blog is actively still being updated, with targets and predictions well into 2022, showcasing where they plan to take the platform. The official Roblox Twitter have stated that Roblox is not shutting down anytime soon and there are plenty of updates happening on the platform to show that Roblox isn’t going anywhere.

Why are people talking about Roblox shutting down?

There have been a few different rumours explaining why Roblox might be shutting down - from things like overpopulation and not having money to invest in servers to RIP Roblox comments appearing on the internet in threads. Though individual games might stop getting updates or might be removed by developers, Roblox as a platform isn’t going anywhere.

All of this initially started with the website React 2424 - a site that allows individuals to post fake news and pranks, to play tricks on their friends. Someone posted a news post that Roblox was shutting down, and users thought that this was real, instead of scrolling to the bottom and seeing the disclaimer, which states “this is an entertainment website, and the users create the articles. These are jokes and fictional; it should not be taken seriously or as a source of information.”

Why do people believe rumours?

When it comes to Roblox, the audience is primarily younger children, so it’s easy to understand why they didn’t read to the end of the post or why they would quickly share information without double-checking to make sure it’s real. Fear is quickly and swiftly stirred through younger children who are playing on a platform they love.

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At this time, Roblox isn’t shutting down. The site has been growing massively, with 2021 being their biggest year to date, with record numbers of users and payouts to content creators. They have had over 200 million monthly active users and the revenue has hit a record number of about £1.6 billion last year. There is no way that they would shut down such a profitable website that is currently growing and getting more attention as people find all of the fun Roblox games there.

Always pay attention to official sources, like the Roblox Blog and social media so that you can know exactly what is true and what is fake when it comes to news being spread online!

Original article by Jupiter Hadley, updated by PocketGamer staff.
Jupiter Hadley
Jupiter Hadley
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