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Best Roblox games - The most popular and enjoyable experiences in 2024

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Best Roblox games - The most popular and enjoyable experiences in 2024

Blox Fruits, Brookhaven RP and Murder Mystery 2 amongst others are the most popular Roblox games at the moment, but we have more.

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Updated by Jupiter Hadley on March 11th, 2024 - added 1 game

If you are trying to find the best gaming experiences on this platform, well, look no further! You are in the right place. On this page, you will find a list of the best Roblox games on the popular platform.

Since 2004, when the Roblox platform was officially launched, the exact number of games that have been released on the platform, is pretty much unknown. We are literally talking about millions of titles, or better yet, 'experiences' as that's the term developers use to describe their products.

That number, whatever it might be, keeps growing daily, as there are currently over 9 million active developers!

These are mind-boggling numbers and for new players, or for those who are just looking to find some nice and fun 'experiences' for their children, it can be somewhat overwhelming trying to navigate through the platform's game catalogue.

But don't worry, as we are going to make this a lot easier for you! Below you'll find the most pleasing gaming experiences Roblox has to offer. We tried to include experiences of different genres, so there's something for everyone!

Without any further ado, let's get right into our best Roblox games list!

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Brookhaven RP

Roblox Brookhaven RP house across the street

Brookhaven RP is all about connecting with other Robloxians from around the world. There are no clear 'win conditions' or anything like that in this game. It's basically a sandbox to enjoy.

Players can buy their own houses and decorate them. They can even adopt a child if they want, or buy cars and go out to explore the town of Brookhaven with their friends to find secret places. It's all about role-playing, communication, and having a good time.

Brookhaven RP is super popular with younger audiences, reaching over 200k concurrent users daily constantly. It also holds the record for the most concurrent users with 840k players! With the current number of Roblox games available, we have to say that's quite a feat!

Anime Fighters Simulator

Two Roblox houses with a fountain in the middle

Just by the title of this Roblox game, you can already tell what is it about. Epic fights involving characters inspired by some of the most popular 'shōnen' manga/anime titles. One Piece, My Hero Academia, Naruto, Demon Slayer, Dragon Ball and the list goes on and on!

Players can create their very own unique character, combining abilities from their favourite shows such as Stands, Quirks, Bloodlines, and Grimoires along with many sword techniques. Of course, we have prepared a Anime Fighting Simulator codes post that you can use to reap some free rewards!

Even though each player starts their adventure as a fighter, progressing will unlock different classes while they explore the vast world. Unique quests and epic boss fights await!

Funky Friday

Funky Friday characters sitting

Have you ever imagined getting into a 'rap battle'? Well, in the world of Funky Friday, players can just do that! Match arrows as they're coming down and earn points to win the battle. The better you match them, the more points you will score. By winning battles, you earn coins that you can then use to purchase various in-game stuff such as, emotes, tags and special animations for your character. It might sound simple, but it's a really fun experience and a great way to meet other players online.

Fishing Simulator

Boat cracked, Roblox game characters fell into the water

Fishing Simulator is all, obviously! A relaxing and fun experience where players can catch various types of fish and explore different locations. By selling the fish and completing various quests, players earn gems that they can then use to improve their fishing equipment, buy a better boat or upgrade their aquarium. Of course, not all fish have the same value, as their rarity varies from common all the way to mythical.

Build a Boat for Treasure

Boat to seek treasures on the sea

Build your boat and try to make it to the end of the map alive, so you can claim the treasure! As simple as that sounds, it's challenging and fun at the same time. Once you complete making your boat (or anything for that matter, you can even float on a donut if that's what you want to build), you set sail into a vast ocean full of obstacles.

These obstacles will damage your boat if you cannot avoid them, but if you manage to make it to the end in one piece, you'll be granted a lot of gold! You can then use it to further enhance your boat and set sail for your next adventure. You can play as a team with your friends or challenge each other to see you can claim the treasure! Oh, and while we are mentioning treasure, you should definitely seize all of the goodies just waiting for you through the Build a Boat for Treasure codes.

Tower of Hell

Blocks falling from a tower

Tower of Hell is probably the most popular Roblox game in this genre. Of course, we are talking about 'Obby' platform experiences. Players must try and reach the top of a six-section, randomly generated tower in a few minutes! Whenever a player makes it to the top, the timer speed is doubled, so you have to be fast! Whenever you clear a tower, you earn coins that you can spend to buy temporary gear from the shop.

Blox Fruits

Characters standing in lava field

In the world of Blox Fruits, players can choose to become master swordsmen or, a powerful fruit user. It is heavily influenced by various popular anime/manga titles, such as One Piece. Similar to shōnen anime stories, players' goal is to become the strongest player ever. There's a plethora of tough enemies to fight against, powerful bosses, and a vast game world to explore.

Blox Fruit is one of the most popular Roblox games, reaching over 100k concurrent users daily! If you decide to give this one a try, make sure to check out our Blox Fruit codes! You will find every active code, as well as how you can redeem them to earn many in-game rewards.

Pet Simulator 99

Pet Simulator 99

If you enjoy collecting stuff, this might be the game for you. In Pet Simulator 99, players have to earn coins and diamonds in order to buy eggs that hatch into pets. And there are a plethora of these pets. Some are super cute while others are dangerous! There are also different rarities of them, ranging from common ones all the way to mythic ones.

Players can also use their coins to purchase 'areas'. These areas can be used to unlock new eggs or further boost the pet's power. As they dive further into the world of Pet Simulator 99, players will discover new worlds and unique areas.


Two piggies holding baseball bats

Piggy is an award-winning survival horror game on Roblox, inspired by the popular British preschool animated series, Peppa Pig. In this experience, players can either be one of the survivors, or Piggy. Each role has different winning conditions. Survivors have to complete various tasks around the map and stay alive as they try to escape before the timer runs out. Piggy, on the other hand, has to eliminate every single one of them or prevent them from escaping in order to win the round!


Create crime or stop crime Jailbreak

Inspired by other popular Roblox games, as well as Grand Theft Auto, in the world of Jail Break players take on the role of either a Prisoner or Police Officer. Each role has its own win conditions. As a Prisoner, your goal is to try and break free from prison and become the most notorious criminal! How can you do that? By robbing stores, banks and even museums! On the other hand, as a Police Officer, you have to prevent all that from happening! Jailbreak features a large open world, various vehicles and weapons!

Murder Mystery 2

Three MM2 characters with weapons

If you enjoy horror games, then this one might be for you. In Murder Mystery 2, there are twelve players in total per round and three different roles. One player is the murderer and another one takes on the role of the Sheriff, while the rest of the players are the 'innocents'. Their goal is to assist the sheriff to catch the murderer. The murderer's objective is to eliminate everyone and win!

No player can hop right in without checking our MM2 value list, and claiming some of ourMurder Mystery 2 codes. Don't think twice, you're going to need both!

Adopt Me!

Adopt Me pets

Of course, you can't complete the list of best Roblox games without including Adopt Me!. Targeted at younger audiences, this is one of the most popular experiences (if not THE most) on the platform. In Adopt Me!, players can adopt, raise and collect a variety of pets, decorate their estate and unlock vehicles. Of course, there are different rarities of pets, and some of them can only be acquired via trading with other players.

You can check out our Roblox Adopt Me! Pets list and how to get them if you want to claim some free goodies right from the start!

Tower Defense Simulator

Roblox game characters chasing towards the boss

In Tower Defense Simulator, players team up with one another in order to defend against the hordes of various enemies. You'll either be overrun by the numerous enemies or eliminate every single one of them! By damaging enemies and clearing waves, you earn currency that you can spend to buy new towers or upgrade existing ones. By the end of each round, players earn experience as well as coins and gems which can be used to buy skins, emotes, and new towers.


Arsenal characters standing

Arsenal is a first-person shooter and one of the most popular in this genre on the platform. True to its name, Arsenal features a large variety of weapons, from bazookas to spell books that players can use. There are various different modes to choose from, as well as maps to play on. If you are a fan of Counter-Strike-like games, then you should definitely try this one out.

Of course, if you decide to give it a go, redeem codes for Arsenal will come in handy!



BedWars is another Roblox project with a huge number of players and epic gameplay. Well, any avid gamer knows about BedWars mini-games on Minecraft servers. So, Roblox BedWars is pretty similar to those in Minecraft. Its gameplay is straightforward, kill the enemies before they kill you and your friends. But you have to destroy enemy beds first, so they won't be able to respawn anymore. Protect your base, buy various items, and eliminate enemies in this fantastic Roblox game.

We truly hope you liked the list of best Roblox games in 2024. Of course, we will add new titles that we find compelling soon enough!

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