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Pokemon GO Gyrados best moveset

Pokemon GO Gyrados best moveset

Gyarados is a really interesting Pokemon to have in your battling party. This Pokemon can Mega evolve and can have some pretty strong movesets. If you are looking for a good Pokemon to attack gyms and fight in the Go Battle League or against Team Go Rocket, you can make Gyarados a prize contender.

How good is Gyarados in Pokemon GO?

Gyarados is evolved from Magikarp; which is actually a quest within the game. You see, Magikarp takes 400 candies to actually evolve, so it’s a quest that will likely take you ages. Finally, when you are able to evolve your Magikarp, you might want to actually get something out of the Gyarados. Or at least, that was my thinking.


Gyarados has a max CP of 3391, but can also be Mega Evolved to a max CP of 4717. This Pokemon is a Water and Flying-type, so it’s vulnerable to Electric which deals 256% damage and Rock, which deals 160% damage. It’s resistant to Fighting, Bug, Steel, Fire and Water, which all deal 63% damage, and Ground, which deals 39% damage. It’s a good mix of resistances, really.

Pokemon GO Gyrados best moveset

When it comes to the best moveset for offensive battle, Waterfall at 16 DPS and Hydro Pump at 47.3 DPS will be your best bet. This gives you the highest combination of total DPS. If you are looking to ensure your Gyarados is more defensive, Waterfall again, at 16 DPS and then Outrage at 28.2 DPS is what you are looking for. You don't need to use an Elite TM to get these moves.

If you target these Gyrados movesets, I am sure that evolving a silly, floppy fish will be more than worth it, as you’ll have a good, usable Pokemon. Magikarp has never been good in battle for me, so being able to actually use this Pokemon makes up for how many of them you need to catch to evolve it!