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What are the best pokemon in Pokemon GO?

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What are the best pokemon in Pokemon GO?

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Are you trying to collect the best pokemon? Well, in order to do that, you need to know which ones you should target first. After going through our list, you'll know exactly which at the best pokemon in Pokemon GO, and on top of that you'll learn where to collect each one.

The mobile game Pokemon GO is the closest that people have ever come to feeling like actual Pokemon trainers. Using AR elements, players are encouraged to explore the real world in order to reach areas where certain Pokemon have been spotted. When they arrive, they need to use a type of motion-control in order to catch them with the perfect Pokeball throw. On top of trying to catch 'em all, there's also a strong competitive element allowing players to battle each other's Pokemon through local and online matches.

Top 10 best pokemon to collect

In order to be a proper competitor, you need to have a thorough understanding of Pokemon and its mechanics. Although Pokemon GO has many similar elements to the main games, it is simplified for quicker play. There are still different types between them with some being more resistant, vulnerable, and effective against others. There are also Pokemon who receive passive boosts based on weather conditions. In terms of stats, Pokemon GO Pokemon are dependent on four: Attack, Defense, Stamina, and CP. While the first two are self-explanatory, Stamina and CP are a bit more unclear. Stamina determines how good your pokemon is at enduring critical and super-effective attacks which is reflected in their HP score. However, the most important stat is CP.

CP stands for "Combat Power" which measures a Pokemon's overall strength. You are able to raise your Pokemon's CP by is by powering them up using candy and stardust. Each Pokemon has a max total CP it can be. There is also Pokemon IVs, which are it's rank in defense, attack and health. This cannot be changed on a Pokemon, but is worth keeping in mind for PVP and PVE. Note that as your Pokemon get stronger, the wild Pokemon you'll encounter will have higher CP scores.

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Slaking pokemon

First appearing in the third generation of Pokemon (Ruby and Sapphire), Slaking has gone on to be a popular choice in offense and defense. It frequently got a bad rap for its Truant ability that causes it to act only every two turns, but this has been eliminated in Pokemon GO. As a result, Slaking proves to be one of the most statistically powerful Pokemon in the game.

Its CP score ranks it at the very top while it's also one of the most resilient Pokemon available. Though it's a strong attacker, Slaking is better suited to defense and stalling tactics. Being a Normal-type makes it fairly balanced, and its high stamina allows it to tank attacks that would be super effective against it. Slaking can be found near Universities and Residential areas.


Metagross in Pokemon GO

Though it could only be obtained at the end of Ruby and Sapphire, Metagross quickly became a trainer favorite. Its unusual combination of Steel and Psychic typing makes it tough and able to deal all sorts of damage. It specializes in physical and special moves with high damage outputs making it a threat against most types.

It has a high CP with balanced stats to compensate with its lowest being stamina. However, its steel body makes it able to resist most forms of attack making it a great addition to any team and scenario. Metagross can be difficult to obtain since you need to wait for its spotlight hour and use a combination of Incense and Lures to raise your chances of catching one.


Gyarados pokemon

Since the very first generation, Gyarados has been a prime choice for players and a devastating opponent to face. Though its Water and Flying typing make it extra susceptible to Electric attacks, it can still deal a lot of damage while on the frontline. Despite not being a Dragon-type, Gyarados has access to many of those moves which allow it to deal solid damage against most types, making it one of the best pokemon you can get.

It also has access to a large number of powerful Water moves and attacks like Hyper Beam for critical strikes. Its CP and stats make it a strong competitor but it lacks general Defense. The best way to get a Gyarados is to go to watery areas such as lakes or beaches, catch a Magikarp, and then raise it until it evolves.



Added as the final evolution to the second generation Pokemon Swinub, Mamoswine adds even more strength to the evolutionary tree. It has both the Ice and Ground types, with the latter being one of the most stable and powerful types around. It's supported by access to Ice attacks which can be draining and hard-hitting while also having the chance to inflict Frozen on enemies.

Unfortunately, its typing makes it vulnerable to several kinds of attacks, but it has high stamina which will let it endure those hits. Its defense is on the lower side considering its CP, but has very high attack power to eliminate opponents quickly. Mamoswine can be found where Ice or Ground types hangout, such as water and fields, respectively.


best pokemon - Porygon-Z

Of all the first generation Pokemon, Porygon is one of the most unusual and has continued to transform by gaining two evolutionary stages, including Porygon-Z. Despite the Pokemon's Normal type, it has a very dynamic moveset. It excels using abilities that boost its own stats, affecting the battle setting, and powerful special attacks. Its high attack power is reflected in its CP score alongside average Defense but surprisingly strong Stamina.

Despite having access to Psychic, Electric, Dark, and Normal attacks, it remains super vulnerable to Fighting moves. To get this Pokemon, you'll need to catch a Porygon outside government or industrial buildings, collect 100 Porygon Candies, and then use the Sinnoh Stone.


Machamp artwork

Among the classic types, Fighting continues to be one of the strongest and most versatile with Machop embodying that. Once it evolves to Machamp, it becomes a powerhouse Pokemon that can dish out lots of damage and tank tons of hits. The problem is that it can suffer from a low special defense making it a target for strong Psychic attacks while still being tough enough to resist super effective Flying attacks.

Even so, Machamp has access to Rock and Ground attacks making it even more versatile against other types. It has generally high stats and CP with attack and stamina being its standout scores. To find Machamp, look around sporting areas, stadiums, and gyms.


Scizor pokemon

Though Bug Pokemon can be seen as weak, Scyther proved that wrong. With its transition to the second generation, it gained even more moves and the ability to evolve into Scizor. This evolution has all the power and precision of Bug and Flying with the strength of Steel. It gains access to a variety of moves, especially ones with high damage and a greater chance to land critical hits.

It has pretty balanced stats with above average stamina and defense supporting a high attack power and CP score overall. To get Scizor, you'll first need to catch Scyther in wooded areas or open fields, gather 50 Scyther Candies, and find a Metal Coat.


Roserade in Pokemon Go

One of the primary types that each trainer gets to choose from, Grass Pokemon, remains reliable and adaptable. With the evolved version of Roselia, Roserade proves to be one of the strongest Grass Pokemon out there buffed by its Poison typing. While it's still vulnerable to several other types, it receives resistance to the common and troublesome Bug and Poison movesets.

Though its build puts it on the lower end of stamina, its dynamic moveset allows it to weaken opponents dealing damage over time and then it can move in for the final blow. To get your hands on one, hatch a Budew from a 5km Egg, get 25 Budew Candies, then gather a further 100 Budew Candies and use a Sinnoh Stone.



Though the original trio has been around for years, they still remain top-tier Pokemon across all games. Among them is the Fire-Type Charmander which evolves into the dual Fire-Flying type Charizard. Though its typing makes it extra vulnerable to Rock attacks, it boasts some of the highest powered attacks you can have. It's a good choice to have it you swap it in for a strong retaliation.

It also has two alternate versions in X and Y, with the former giving it the tougher Dragon-type. Every type has a solid CP score, which is aimed towards its attack power. Sadly, Charizard only appears at higher levels and has a very low spawn rate, so you'll need some patience.


Gengar showcase

Ghost Pokemon have gone from being quite rare to quite diverse and continue to be one of the trickier types to battle. The original ghostly trio is led by Gengar, a Ghost and Poison type that has a range of unusual yet effective moves. Ghost moves are all about causing strange effects that a majority of types are not equipped to counter, and this is further supported by Gengar's Poison moves that work well with them.

It has an issue with somewhat average CP stats and is vulnerable to Psychic attacks, but is a great choice for setups and stalling to open up the enemy to counterattacks and heavy strikes. To add one to your team, catch a Gastly by a cemetery or a church, and evolve it with Candies.

Gengar is the last pick on our list of best pokemon in Pokemon GO. Which are your favourites? Tell us in the comments below.

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