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Pokemon Go - Lapras: Weaknesses, counters and the best way to beat them

Pokemon Go - Lapras: Weaknesses, counters and the best way to beat them
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When putting together a team in Pokemon GO, you'll want to have a balanced team that covers as many Pokemon types as possible. Since battles are mainly about speed, power, and defense, it's good to have Pokemon that can dish out lots of damage as well as take it. There are over 800 Pokemon in the game and each of them has five stats which are HP, Attack, Defense, Stamina, and overall Combat Power (CP). While these determine what kind of fighter your Pokemon will be, their moves will determine how adaptable they are to different fights. Among them all, in Pokemon Go Lapras can be a tricky contender if you don't know how to deal with them.

Pokemon Go Lapras breakdown

Lapras smiling in Pokemon Go

In the world of Pokemon Go, Lapras is considered to have relatively high stats. Out of all the Pokemon available in the game (excluding legendaries and unobtainable ones), Lapras would be in the top 20-25 percent of them. This Pokemon has no evolutions and has been a staple of the series since the very first game. They're a dual-type in Water and Ice and while the mainline games have given Lapras a variety of abilities, they're pretty limited in Pokemon Go.

Still, this doesn't make it defenseless as its two highest stats are HP and Stamina. This means that not only can Lapras tank a fair amount of hits, but can build up the Charged Attack meter fairly quickly. It also doesn't help that its combination of Water/Ice is more effective than is obvious. Thankfully, its available moves are limited to Water, Ice, and Normal, which reduces its range.

Lapras Weaknesses and Counters

Pokemon Go Lapras showcase

In Pokemon Go, Lapras's typing prevents it from taking double or quadruple damage from any one source. Even so, there are some types which will deal Super Effective damage at over 150 percent capacity. These are Fighting, Rock, Grass, and Electric. Due to the attacks that Lapras has available, the best Pokemon types to use as counters should be all Fighting, all Electric, or a combination of both.

As such, some of the best Pokemon include Pokemon like the Steel-Fighting-type Lucario that is able to use strong Fighting moves while resisting the Water and Ice attacks of Lapras. There's also Sawk and Hariyama, pure Fighting-types with overall higher CP scores than Lapras. Then you've got the pure Electric-types of Jolteon and Luxray, with the latter being to tank more hits and build up its Charged Attack faster.