Pokemon Go will feature Poliwag as the July 2023 Community Day Pokemon

Pokemon Go will feature Poliwag as the July 2023 Community Day Pokemon

Pokemon GO’s 7th-anniversary celebration may be almost over, but the month of July still has a tonne of content for trainers. As we enter the second half of the month, different events like Catching Some Z’s, Riolu Hatch Day, and Adventure Week will go live. In addition, July’s Community Day event will be held on the 30th as well.

Spearheading the July 2023 Community Day in Pokémon Go is the adorable Tadpole Pokémon, Poliwag. It will frequent the wilds more often along with its Shiny counterpart between 2:00 and 5:00 pm local time on July 30th. Players who manage to evolve Poliwag into Poliwhirl during the event will also receive an evolution that knows the Fast Attack Counter.

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It doesn’t end there because evolving Poliwhirl has its own bonuses. Trainers will need to use a King’s Rock to turn the Pokémon into Politoed. If they pull this off within five hours after the event, Politoed will learn the Charged Attack Ice Beam, which does 90 damage in Trainer Battles, Gyms, and Raids.

As always, trainers can also take advantage of several bonuses that will go live during the event. Lure Modules and Incense will last for three hours, and Pokémon caught in the period will give twice the normal Candy, with an added chance of Candy XL for eligible players. Eggs placed in incubators while the event is on will hatch at one-fourth distance. And, of course, certain Special Trade provisions will be available.

Once the official Community Day proceedings are done, players can participate in the Bonus Raid Battles until 10:00 pm local time. It will feature Poliwhirl in four-star Raid Battles and trainers winning this fight will be able to catch loads of Poliwhirl in their vicinity. Be on the lookout for event-exclusive research as well.

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