Infinite Lagrange's upcoming Legacy version will release in August with a brand new storyline

Infinite Lagrange's upcoming Legacy version will release in August with a brand new storyline

A couple of weeks ago, NetEase Games announced a massive update coming to their popular sci-fi game, Infinite Lagrange, which could pretty overhaul all the pre-existing mechanics. Titled ‘A New Chapter of Lagrange Network Begins’, the update would bring a number of changes and improvements to the game’s strategic elements like the Org Command, Personal Combat and Personal Development.

While there’s still some time to go as the update releases in August, the developers have revealed some more information about it. This new version will be called Infinite Lagrange’s Legacy Version and it will mark the beginning of Lagrange Generation, which introduces a new worldview storyline as well as a strategic assets mode.

The upcoming Lagrange Legacy storyline will captivate players with all the new content it brings. It builds off the millennia of research that was used to establish the Lagrange Network and takes it to newer heights. This worldview questline focuses on completing all the unfinished business left by the predecessors while also ensuring that future generations have something to look forward to.

One important aspect of this new version is the Lagrange Legacy Administration. The organisation, a neutral and non-profit entity which owns the most intricate database on the Legacy, will be crucial to the story going forward. They have complete authority to identify and evaluate an explorer’s strategic assets alongside maintaining the Lagrange Legacy Catalog.

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Speaking of Strategic Assets, it is a new gameplay mode which tasks players with obtaining and then studying certain “unidentified strategic assets”. They are offered by the Lagrange Legacy Administrations and once identified, can be used in multiple different situations.

Infinite Lagrange’s revamped version should launch sometime in August. Until then, you can download the game using your preferred link below. It is free-to-play and includes in-app purchases.

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