Pokemon Go in April 2023 includes a Spring event,Community Days, Sustainability week, and much more

Pokemon Go in April 2023 includes a Spring event,Community Days, Sustainability week, and much more
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We’re a month into Pokémon Go’s Season 10: Rising Heroes and it’s already been an eventful one. From seeing Pokémon like Ho-Oh in raids to the Festival of Colours and Team Go Rocket Takeover. Trainers have had quite the ride. Just like March, April 2023 also promises to be full of content.

April Raids

Each week a Pokémon will be featured in both five-star and mega raids. Currently, Lugia is part of the five-star raids and will remain there until April 11th. It will be followed by Incarnate Forme Landorus and Tapu Bulu.

Mega raids on the other hand are hosting Mega Alakazam right now, which will be fightable until April 4th. Alakazam’s weekly successors are mega variants of Loppuny, Blastoise, and Slowbro.

Spotlight Hours

Spotlight Hours are held every Tuesday from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm local time. This month’s spotlight Pokémon and bonuses are:

  • April 4th – Exeggcute with 2x Catch Candy
  • April 11th – Shelder with 2x Transfer Candy
  • April 18th – Trapinch with 2x Evolve XP
  • April 25th – Tangela with 2x Catch Stardust


  • Spring into Spring (April 4th to 10th) – A spring-themed event that will feature the debut of Cutiefly and Ribombee
  • Elite Raids (April 9th) – The third raid category will return with a new Pokémon that should be revealed soon
  • A Mystic Hero (April 13th to 17th) – A special event which may have something to do with Team Mystic?
  • Community Day (April 15th) – The monthly occurrence, featuring Togetic this time
  • Sustainability Week (April 20th to 26th) – Similar to last year, this event aims to celebrate Earth Day and raise awareness about saving our planet
  • Limited Research (April 23rd) – Special research with a unique Pokémon up for grabs
  • Community Day Classic (April 29th) – A Pokémon that has already been part of a past Community Day will be seen once again

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