Pokemon Go's Spring into Spring event sees the debut of Cutiefly

Pokemon Go's Spring into Spring event sees the debut of Cutiefly
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As spring comes closer, cherry blossoms, flower crowns, and easter eggs will start popping up everywhere. Niantic is already hosting an Easter Event in Pikmin Bloom and now Pokémon Go is joining the party too. The Spring into Spring event is coming to the super popular AR game, between April 4th and 10th, until 8:00 pm local time.

The Spring into Spring event on Pokémon Go will feature the debut of Cutiefly and its evolution, Ribombee. The Bee Fly Pokémon, who is a Bug and Fairy type from Pokémon Sun and Moon will be buzzing around more frequently in the wild. It’ll make it quite easy to get Candy for evolving Cutiefly too.

Since we are celebrating Spring, a lot of Pokémon in the wild will be seen donning extremely adorable cherry blossoms on their heads. Players can expect Pichu and Eevee’s evolutions all sporting these themed appearances. A Collection Challenge will also be made available, giving rewards like XP, Stardust, and a Lucky Egg.

On top of that, trainers can also participate in Field Research tasks. These too will grant encounters with similar Pokémon. Other than those, expect to find Chansey and Togetic wearing flower crowns as well.

To help players catch all these Pokémon, a number of event bonuses will be available. Since it is close to Easter, they will mostly focus on eggs. Hence, trainers will earn 2x Hatch Candy, eggs will hatch in half the distance, and Lucky Eggs activated during the event will last for one hour.

It’s not just the Pokémon who will be putting up appearances for the event. Trainers can get into the mood themselves with special Avatar Items coming to the store. Be sure to collect the Happiny Hoodie from there!

Get ready for an action-packed Spring event by downloading Pokémon Go now for free by clicking on your preferred link below.

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