Pokemon Go is celebrating Sustainability Week, beginning April 20th

Pokemon Go is celebrating Sustainability Week, beginning April 20th
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Every year, April 22nd is celebrated as Earth Day. The movement that originated in 1970 takes place yearly and aims to raise awareness about how important it is to save our planet for a healthy future. This year’s theme is to “Invest in Our Planet” and to act (boldly), innovate (broadly), and implement (equitably). What’s a better platform to raise awareness than an extremely popular game? Niantic wishes to do exactly that by celebrating Sustainability Week 2022 on Pokémon Go. Between April 20th and 25th, Pokémon Go will spread the message of creating a sustainable future with lots of challenges and rewards for players.

Celebrations kick off with the debut of two new Pokémon – Oranguru, the Sage Pokémon and Cherubi, alongside its Shiny variant for lucky trainers. It’s going to be green all around as other Pokémon like Oddish, Turtwig, Grotle, Venasur, and others will appear in the wild more frequently. A few Shiny Pokémon can be found hidden in the grass as well so keep an eye out! Additionally, the seven km eggs will hatch into Alolan Diglett, Larvitar, Cherubi, and Oranguru.

Most of these Pokémon and a bunch of others like Chikorita and Sewaddle will be attracted to Mossy Lure Modules and will be available through Field Research task encounters. The Field Research tasks include Mega Energy for Abomasow and Venasaur. The Timed Research on April 23rd will task players with travelling one km to earn an encounter with Cherubi and for every five km travelled, Niantic will plant 100,000 trees.

In addition, a new Collection Challenge will add to the Elite Collector Medals and a Mossy Lure Module which will aid in capturing Gloom and Weepinbell. To top it all off, everyone will also receive a 2x bonus XP for spinning PokéStops for the first time.

Celebrate sustainability by downloading Pokémon Go for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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