Play Together sees new threat emerge as Monstrous Fish invade Kaia Island

Help protect the environment by catching these vile creatures

Play Together sees new threat emerge as Monstrous Fish invade Kaia Island
  • Six new Monstrous Fish added to the game
  • Can be found in the Deep Sea or Offshore Areas
  • Recevie special rewards for catching them

Haegin has just released a new update for Play Together, which tasks you with completing a rather tricky challenge. The casual mobile social network game usually features updates with happy and fun elements, such as the previous one that was inspired by the wishes of an autistic student. The latest patch changes things up a bit as Monstrous Fish make their way towards Kaia Island.

Play Together’s Kaia Island has a delicate environment, and it has come under threat because of some dangerous Monstrous Fish approaching the region. They can be found in two places: the Deep Sea Area of the Offshore Area of the Resort. 

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To combat this ferocious threat, the M.A.A.P, or the Monstrous Aquatic Animals Professions group was set up, with their base of operations located in the Plaza. When you join the M.A.A.P, you will be given a guide and a set of missions that will teach you how to deal with these creatures.

Once you clear all of them, you will be able to get yourself a special Name Tag as well as an Upgradite that can be used to make your fishing rod more powerful. The stronger your tool is, the easier it will be to catch these beasts.

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Currently, we know of the existence of six Monstrous Fish including the Red Shark and the Leviathan Melvillei. They can only be caught by a special method that involves rapidly reeling the creature in before it runs away. But this can be achieved only after draining their health bar and stunning the fish.

Catch these fish and get yourself some sweet bounty rewards in the form of gems. You can upgrade your arsenal of fishing rods through the new mechanic too, which allows you to customise your rods. Attributes like power, tension, and more can be individually adjusted.

So, what are you waiting for? Catch these monstrosities by downloading Play Together now for free.

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