Play Together releases an exciting new update inspired by the request of a fan

One simple email led to the development of this update

Play Together releases an exciting new update inspired by the request of a fan
  • The update is a result of an email from a school teacher on behalf of her autistic student
  • Help Ms. Quinn in getting Trey Horne to adjust to his new school life
  • Earn triceratops-themed rewards on completion

Haegin has just released a new update for its casual mobile social network game, Play Together. It is a particularly interesting one because the idea of this patch originated from an email the developers received. And that led to the creation of Ms. Quinn and Trey’s Story, which is now available.

This email was sent by an elementary school teacher from the Gyeonggi Province of South Korea, sharing that one of her students with autism was extremely fond of Play Together, and spoke about it in class as well. She further added that her student really wanted to see a triceratops in-game as it was her favourite dinosaur, and the email was a request to add the same.

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That one request was enough as the developers immediately got to work and created a brand new NPC, Jeannie Quinn, who can be found at the School near the Plaza. She tasks you with helping Trey Horne, the new kid, adjust to his new life. You’ll be performing a number of different tasks such as attending lectures and sharing food with your buddies.

Along the way, expect to earn some rewards which you may have guessed, are inspired by Trey’s favourite dinosaur. You can get your hands on the three-horned Triceratops Hat, the Triceratops Cape, and the Triceratops Egg, which can be hatched into an adorable pet that will tag along with you everywhere.

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Speaking about the update, Play Together PD, Seungmin Yoo, said: “Since the early stages of its development, Play Together has aspired to be a space where a person, regardless of nationality, language, age, gender, or disability, can make friends and dream big. The development team worked hard to bring this story of a student with a pure and positive dream and a kind-hearted teacher to life, and we hope everyone in Play Together has a fun time with Trey Horne.”

Download Play Together now for free. You can also check out their Facebook page for more information.

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