Play Together is hosting the metaverse's music talk show L1STEN today and tomorrow

Play Together is hosting the metaverse's music talk show L1STEN today and tomorrow
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Haegin’s social mobile game has been hyping up the metaverse with their recent updates. Yesterday’s v1.32.0 update added a 7-ELEVEN Korea (Korea Seven Co., LTD) convenience store in the metaverse, allowing players to do grocery shopping from their homes. Read more about it in this article. Now, Haegin is collaborating with the Korean AI audio platform Genie Music to showcase the metaverse music talk show L1STEN on Play Together.

L1STEN is a concert that combines music, games, and reality with the virtual reality of the metaverse. This collaboration has been in the works for the last three months, to perfect the experience so that the players feel like they are attending a real concert. The signers will be present in their virtual avatar forms on a virtual stage shining with lights, providing a very lively feel for the audience.

The event goes live today, February 4th at UTC+9, with the first guest being JAMIE Park Jimin, known for her music talents that she first showcased on the TV program K-Pop Star. Because the concert is being held on the metaverse players from all over the world will be able to attend it together. All songs have been picked by JAMIE herself and they follow her life story. L1STEN will also feature Park Jimin’s newest song Pity Party, that released only yesterday.

Since this is L1STEN’s first concert on Play Together, it will be free for everyone. Also, don’t worry about missing the concert because it will be shown again three times on February 5th. Additionally, players can also participate in the newly launched quests that award Heart Coins on completion. These can be traded in for Valentine’s Day goodies and more.

Hop into the metaverse by downloading Play Together for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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