Play Together is celebrating Halloween 2022 with a spookily decorated Kaia Island

Play Together is celebrating Halloween 2022 with a spookily decorated Kaia Island
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A few weeks ago, maple leaves had filled up Haegin’s casual mobile social network game Play Together to celebrate the autumn. And now, it’s time for redecoration because the spooky season is upon us. Haegin has just released a new Halloween-themed content update.

Like in the autumn update, Kaia Island will once again be filled with themed items and a creepy Halloween background. Besides the horrors outside, players can also decorate their own houses with Halloween-inspired interior items like a Creepy Pumpkin Path, a Spiderweb Trampoline, and a Ghost Wire Fence.

The Island Plaza will be home to two NPCs, Grim Reaper and Chuppy, who are looking for help. Some naughty ghosts seem to have escaped and the two of them hope to catch and return them. Players helping Grim Reaper and Chuppy find the ghosts will be rewarded with Ghost Coins.

These Ghost Coins are a unique offering as they can be traded in for Halloween items like a Coffin Cart, a Grim Reaper Mask, and a Grim Reaper’s Scythe. There are more ghosts waiting to be found on the island as well. A few more can be found scattered around Play Together’s world after sunset.

In addition to all the Halloween fun, the update also introduces ten new Balloon Doggos. The Doggos, while belonging to the same category as the existing ones are must-haves because the new ones are so much more adorable with their cute looks and distinct floating movements. Get your hands on them from Balloon Eggs which are found near the Floaty NPC.

Finally, the update also brings 13 new giant fish species to the game. These include the Giant Great White Shark, the Giant Pacific Octopus, and the Tiger Shark. A few of them are location specific and will only appear in certain areas.

Celebrate Halloween 2022 with your friends now by downloading Play Together for free.

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