Play Together is celebrating Christmas 2022 with a snow-covered Kaia Island

Play Together is celebrating Christmas 2022 with a snow-covered Kaia Island
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As we enter the holiday season and prepare for Christmas and the New Year, things are going to get chilly, especially in Haegin’s Play Together. The developers are releasing another massive seasonal update that covers the entirety of Kaia Island in snow, bringing lots of cool NPCs and events with it.

One of the NPCs is, of course, a Snowman. The Snowman is worried that he will melt away in the spring and to put him at ease, players must decorate the Kaia Island Wishing Tree which, perhaps unsurprisingly, has the power of making wishes come true.

Players must join hands with other residents of Kaia Island and decorate the tree with beautiful ornaments. In return, everyone will receive a Christmas tree to keep those festive spirits up. Lots of rewards await players this season.

When autumn began, players could roam around the island collecting maple teams. This time, they will be able to collect Snowflake Coins by completing missions. These can be exchanged for a bunch of snow-themed items such as the Teensy Snowman costume among other things.

Additionally, the Freezing Winter Attendance event will also take place, giving everyone extra chances at earning decorative items, Gems, and Theme Draw Tickets. Those managing to hop into Play Together for 14 consecutive days will also win the exclusive Santa-themed Balloon Doggo egg.

In the Concert Hall, players will find the Lalala Music Festival which features performances from Korean indie bands. Visitors will be rewarded well for attending. KB Bukopin is also hosting a party as it opens a brand new second floor. Lots of minigames and quizzes will be held. Keep checking out the Plaza for special effects too.

Join the winter fun by downloading Play Together now for free by clicking the links below.

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