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Outerplane codes to get Ether, sweet Cake Slices and more (May 2024)

Outerplane codes to get Ether, sweet Cake Slices and more (May 2024)

Updated on: May 28, 2024 - Added a new code

Outerplane is a new gacha RPG that has caught the interest of gamers worldwide, and it could turn out to be the next big thing. Like other games of its kind, it features a system of codes that offer the community a range of rewards at no cost. We have listed all the currently active Outerplane codes that will provide you with some free goodies like Ether, Stamina and Cake Slices.

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Active Outerplane codes

You may obtain ether and other in-game rewards via Outerplane codes, which can be highly beneficial as you progress through the game. However, you must use the codes before they expire if you wish to receive the exclusive items for your account.

The following are the active Outerplane codes that you can currently use:

  • OUTERWITHU (Valid till July 1)

Expired codes

  • OUTERRTA (Expires February 16)
  • MERRYOUTER (Expires January 31)
  • OUTERBEST (Expires January 31)
  • OUTERNOTE5 (Expires December 12)
  • OUTERNOTE4- 1,500 Ether (Valid till November 30)
  • LISHASURPRISE (Expires on October 31)
  • OUTER100DAYS (Expires September 7)
  • PLAYOUTERPLANE1 - 500 Ether
  • PLAYOUTERPLANE2 - 120 Stamina, 20 Cake Slice
  • LISHAGIFT – 1500 Ether, Profile Frame, 60 Stamina, 20 Cake Slice
  • OUTER1ST – 1500 Ether
  • OUTER1STPLANE - 1500 Ether (Expires June 30)
  • OUTERGAME30 - 300 Ether (Expires June 30)

How to use Outerplane codes

As the codes have a limited validity period, you must use them as soon as possible, or they will expire. Follow the steps below to complete the redemption process in the game and get your free rewards:

  • Step 1: To start with the redemption, open Outerplane on your device and navigate to the in-game settings.
  • Step 2: You must then select the “Account” option from the numerous settings accessible.
  • Step 3: Next, you should tap on the “Enter Coupon” button beneath the “Manage Account” option.
  • Step 4: A pop-up will appear on the screen where you can enter the codes above and press the “OK” button. This will complete the redemption.

Upon successful completion of the redemption, you will receive the rewards in your in-game mailbox, and you may then claim them. If you are just starting out with Outerplane, getting these free items will give you a head start in the game.

Furthermore, you can follow the game’s official handles on the different social media platforms to stay aware of the release of new codes and not miss out on any free rewards.

Original article by Nishant Thakkar, updated by Sumant Meena.

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