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Outerplane tier list and a reroll guide

Outerplane tier list and a reroll guide

We are ranking all the characters from strongest to weakest on the Outerplane tier list, and there's a brief reroll guide that will help you in getting your dream start.

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Updated on November 12th, 2023 - Added new characters - Ame, Drakhan

One of the most hyped turn-based RPGs by Smilegate called “Outerplane” is on the brink of launching globally. Boasting 3D models for their anime-stylised characters along with beautiful skill animations, Outerplane possesses a unique charm unseen before. Like a true gacha game, players can expect a house-full roster of playable and collectable characters! Each character possesses unique active and passive abilities, different base stats, and different base rarities.

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Confused about whether to add the latest character you summoned to your formations? Well, you can find exactly how strong it is by seeing it ranked in one of the tiers below. A lot of pre-cursor factors were taken into consideration while building the tier list.


  • Rarity – Almost all of the players playing such gacha games can agree that rarity matters very heavily as it forms the basis of many other statistics related to the characters, such as the base stats, active and passive abilities, and their usability in different game modes.
  • Core Abilities – Let’s be honest - the abilities assigned to any character can make or break them. The most practical approach comes when you take into account the usability of their abilities in different game modes. Naturally, ranking these abilities depends on the role the character plays in your formation. If it’s a support/healer, they should not be expected to deal damage to enemies, although that might be an added bonus but not the core usage.
  • Usability – Building any character takes a lot of time and dedication, not to mention an ample amount of resources. Finding out that the character you just built through sheer hard work turns out to be useful only for a single game mode is one of the worst feelings anyone can ever experience. Hence, the characters at the top of the tiers should be versatile in nature and not limited to a single game mode or area of the game.

Make sure to re-visit the Outerplane tier list once it is launched globally as we'll include more characters in case they get released. We will also re-adjust the rankings of the characters in the tiers just in case they undergo changes in their skill sets.

Let’s get you right to the tier list for Outerplane!

Original article by Harsh Paliwal, updated by Mihail Katsoris. 
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S-Tier Characters

Top of the Outerplane tier list - Valentine character
  • Valentine
  • Natalie
  • Ame
  • Mene
  • Kate
  • Akari
  • Eternal
  • Veronica
  • Rhona
  • Rin
Valentine is one of the best characters in the game if you’re looking for a standard DPS. Valentine’s main quirk comes in her supportive nature as she is able to boost the Priority of the ally with the highest attack by 20%. Her 2nd active ability Lucky or Die also provides amazing DPS buffs such as Increased Critical Hit Rate and Increased Critical Hit Damage for 3 turns each. Lastly, her ultimate ability My Bloody Valentine is an AOE-targeted damaging skill that decreases the priority of all enemies by 40%.

Veronica, on the other hand, is one of the best offensive defenders available in the game. Much like Valentine, she is also recruited through the initial selective summons completely for free. Her basic attack is a single targeted damaging skill that can inflict a Taunt debuff on the enemy for 1 turn. Moreover, if she has an Increased Defense buff on herself while using the basic attack, Veronica also triggers a dual attack with the ally having the highest Attack. Veronica’s 3rd active ability Endurance Cannon is an AOE-targeted damaging skill that removes one buff from all enemies before striking them. This ability also provides all allies with an Increased Defense buff for 3 turns.

A-Tier Characters

Maxwell character
  • Alpha
  • Drakhan
  • Tamaras
  • Notia
  • Christina
  • Eliza
  • Maxwell
  • Beth
  • Aer
  • Francesca
  • Saeran
  • Leo
  • Iris
  • Idith
  • Dolly
  • Snow
  • Maxwell
  • Stella
  • Adelie

Out of the heroes listed above, Maxwell definitely stands out as one of the core damage dealers whose abilities are AOE-targeted. The only character to do so, Maxwell has multipliers that aren't bad either. His basic attack is an AOE-targeted damaging skill that also grants him an Increased Attack buff for 2 turns. Maxwell’s 2nd active ability Mana Converter is an AOE-targeted ability that provides him with 3 stacks of Revelation of Truth buff. It also decreases the duration of buffs on enemies by 1 turn. His true damage potential is seen when he ramps up his stacks of Revelation of Truth. Upon being full at 5, he penetrates 30% of the target’s defence with his ultimate ability Bless All Mages.

Saeran is the best healer in-game, period. Moreover, she’s given for free by completing the beginner missions. Saeran removes 1 debuff from all allies after dealing damage to a single target with her basic ability Power of Light. She can also heal a chosen ally according to her own MAX HP with her 2nd active ability Gaze Upon Us. Saeran’s true potential can be seen in her ultimate ability Arise which instantly refills the targeted ally’s HP to 100%, reduces their skill cooldown by 2 turns, and grants them 100% Priority.

B-Tier Characters

Outerplane character Alice
  • Sofia
  • Cindy
  • K
  • Eva
  • Alice
  • Laplace
Alice is a great damage dealer that can deal good damage but lacks anything extra which many of the other DPS in the tiers above bring to the table. Alice’s basic attack is a plain single-targeted damaging ability that also provides her with an Evasion buff for 2 turns. She deals AOE-targeted damage and removes 1 buff from all enemies with her 2nd active ability Hatter’s Teacup. Her ultimate ability Alice in Wonderland is yet another AOE-targeted damaging spell that inflicts Unbuffable debuff on all enemies hit for 3 turns each.

K, the main protagonist of Outerplane, can be seen in this tier. His usability as a Defender still persists, especially for players who did not choose Veronica in the selective summons or acquired her from any other means. K’s basic attack Shield Rush is a single targeted damaging ability that can decrease defence for 2 turns. His ultimate ability Raging Storm is an AOE-targeted damaging skill.

C-Tier Characters

Lisha at the bottom of the Outerplane tier list
  • Lily
  • Claire
  • Theo
  • Lisha
  • Tanya

All of the characters included here are not usable after the early game. They are given for free at the beginning to encourage team-building and to help in progression. Lily can be used until mid-game as well if the player is not able to summon a better healer. All of them can be and should be replaced as soon as you get better rarity characters from the gacha system.

Re-rolling Guide for Outerplane

Here is a short and efficient guide for fast re-rolling in Outerplane:

  • Log in to the game on the main screen with a Guest Account.
  • Complete the tutorial and the prologue chapters. Head to the summon screen but exit it right after the 1st summon.
  • Claim your pre-registration rewards from the in-game mailbox in the main menu. This should contain some premium currency to use.
  • Head over to the summoning section and use the currency to get at least one 3-Star character. If you feel you are satisfied with the summon results, simply go to Account in the Settings menu and Link your account.
  • If you feel you are not satisfied with the summon results, simply delete the data and exit the game. Repeat the steps from the beginning.
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