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Omniheroes tier list and a reroll guide

Omniheroes tier list and a reroll guide

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Updated on November 27th, 2023 - Version 1.6.0 - Added Lysandra, Ariana, Madeline, Elyrian

Unlike its peers in the idle RPG genre, Omniheroes stands out due to its diverse art style that exudes a medieval fantasy theme where you can enjoy fast-paced, tactical, and flashy battles. The game has an amazing 777 summons system, empowering new accounts created to start their adventures with a strong roster of heroes.

We have brewed a fresh Omniheroes tier list catering to all types of players, be it the PvE lovers or the PvP aficionados. Knowing which heroes are ranked where in the tier list can help you significantly in making wiser decisions pertaining to team formation. Also, you can enhance your knowledge about them at the same time.

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In our quest to rank the best heroes in this tier list, we have taken into consideration various factors. Some of them include the base rarity of the hero and their active/passive abilities. Naturally, you can also expect some variations depending on how well a particular hero performs in Omniheroes' different game modes.

The base rarity of the hero plays a very important role in their overall performance on the battlefield. A higher rarity hero, such as UR, will have much higher Attack, Defense, and HP when compared to a lower rarity hero. You should completely avoid using the lower-tier heroes that are mentioned here. This is because investing the already scarce resources into weaker heroes will stagnate your progression.

In our Omniheroes tier list, we have divided the rankings according to the 5 major factions under which all heroes are branched. The factions are as follows:

  • Woodland
  • Demon
  • Empire
  • Eclipse
  • Divine

Due to the nature of the game, faction-based teams are super popular and meta-friendly. Heroes of the same faction also get more power and stats due to a mechanic known as “Faction Synergy”. We’ve listed the best heroes to use and add to your teams from each faction. At the end of the list, you can also find a "reroll guide" waiting for you! Follow the steps to get your favourite heroes when you start your adventures.

Let’s jump right into the tier list for Omniheroes!

Original article by Harsh Paliwal. Updated by Mihail Katsoris.

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Empire Faction

S Albert, Themis, Salleine, Atropos, Catrina
A Dorabella, Marlena
B Eluller, Athena, Elyrian
C Bjorn, Yasuke, Jerald
Albert stands out as one of the best skill mages in the entire game, putting him right at the top of the Omniheroes tier list for a reason! His passive ability Insight empowers your allies by increasing their skill damage. You can expect a steady increase in his Attack as his Dodge rate increases over time, thanks to his passive ability Hermit. On the offensive front, his ultimate ability Luminous Impact launches devastating bolts of shadow & lightning, dealing massive damage to helpless enemies in the backline. Dorabella is another one of those hidden powerful heroes from the Empire faction. You might think she’s terrible, given that she is provided for free. The reality is much different than that, as Dorabella’s ultimate ability Arcane Thunder is a great AoE-targeted damaging skill. It targets all enemies on the map and reduces their Defense further. She’s also quite blessed with her stats and passive abilities as she can convert her crit rate into an Attack!

Woodland Faction

S Lily & Lia, Sylvan, Minotaur
A Merlin, Eluna, Osse, Nawi, Ashlyn
B Bojji, Stannard, Doris, Diana
C Merida, Marina
Lily & Lia, the twin Woodfairy sisters, are tiered up against the big hotshots from other factions. They are widely regarded as one of the best buffers in the game, but don’t just take it from me - take a look at their skill sets! Lily & Lia can summon magical healing flowers that heal 3 allies consistently on every turn. When they are deployed in battles, enemies tremble in fear and are automatically imposed with 10 additional reduced defence stacks. Did I mention she can cleanse debuffs, and provide fat Shields to all allies? Well, she does that as well!

Eclipse Faction

S Mavis, Franz, Bastet
A Solomon, Ellie, Emily, Persephone
B Carola, Percival, Brutus
C Anubia
Emily is a deadly sorceress from the Eclipse faction. Her ability to manipulate blood & dust is unmatched by any other hero. Her passive ability Vendetta allows her to exceed Corrode debuff stack limits. Also, she gets more Attack the more Cure rate she has. Emily’s ultimate ability Sorrowgrave sees her raise an entire grave and throw it upon all enemies, corroding them as well. Solomon is one hell of a Tank! He’s the definition of sturdiness and tenacity. His ultimate ability Soul Tremor hits 4 random enemies and applies Taunt to those who are stricken. When attacked by enemies who are Taunted, he restores his HP, making him quite unkillable in certain situations.

Divine Faction

S Seraphina, Talanis, Talos, Lachesis, Eudora, Hallios
A Catherine, Karnak, Victoria, Madeline
B Victoria, Atalanta
C Clotho
Talanis is a beastly thunder goddess reigning from above. Her mighty thunders can penetrate the hardest armours, crush the stronger bones, and bring mighty foes to their knees. Talanis has to be one of the most broken heroes in Omniheroes. She can reduce enemy defence whenever an ally gets hit. She has an arsenal of AoE-targeted damage-dealing abilities, each with pretty high damage multipliers. Talanis is also capable of increasing her own Attack over time thanks to her passive ability Thunder Dominator.

Demon Faction

S Macaria, Dullahan, Lamia, Mastema
A Arkdina, Nyx, Lysandra
B Janna, Guinn, Ariana
C Medusa, Baal
Macaria is one of the primordial beasts imbued with demonic energy. She greatly benefits from the crit resistance stat as it directly increases her Attack stat as well. Macaria launches 2 dusk-blades towards 3 random enemies, gaining a 20% damage increase per stack of reduced defence imposed on the enemies. You can expect to deal a ton of physical damage with her skills, triggering several critical hits along the way.

And with that, we have come to the end of our Omniheroes tier list. You can still use the Omniheroes reroll guide that explains the process in detail - simply click on the next page to read it.

Reroll guide for Omniheroes

Now that you know which heroes are the best, let’s check out the different ways to reroll efficiently so you can get them on your account. I have taken into account the pre-registration rewards given to all new players while making this reroll guide. Follow these steps:

  • Log into the game using a Guest account.
  • Progress until the end of Chapter 4, as by that point you should have over 50 summoning scrolls.
  • Check if there are any codes active to get more summons.
  • If not satisfied with your summons, go to your "Profile" -> "Settings".
  • Go to the "User Center", and click on "Delete Account". Restart the entire process until you get favourable results.
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